Handcrafted Retro Wedding: Elizabeth & David


Elizabeth and David’s gorgeous May wedding was held at One Devonshire Gardens, Glasgow. They wanted a simple day but one that they could put their own stamp on. Graphic designer Elizabeth handmade a lot of the details.

“All we were really set on was having a nice, light, fresh feel to everything”, began the bride. “I was desperate to get our love of movies in there, so we had the tables named after our favourite movie characters. We hired the townhouse for the wedding which effectively allowed us to have a large house party.”


“The biggest thing was making sure I could design or create as much of the wedding as humanly possible. I designed the invitations, bird seed pouches, personalized handkerchiefs for everyone, and hand-painted animal favours and CDs for guests to take home. There was lots of card and white & silver spray paint involved! We had a lot of whisky and cigars, there was also a TV set up in the bar with the football on (I’m told it was an important game).”


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Quirky Harbour Wedding: Max & Sarah


Max and Sarah were married at Rocher Harbor Resort, Washington. The wedding was timelessly elegant with rustic touches but with a dash of punk rock awesomeness thrown in! “Our wedding was a true labor of love,” began the bride. “From the handmade terrariums topping our tables, ceremony arbor, and DIY’d program goodie bags – every step of our wedding was a group effort. It would not have been the gorgeous and action-packed hootenanny it was without the efforts of our dearest friends and treasured family members.”


“As part or our program goodie bags we collected 150 vintage hankies. What a beautiful moment to look out at our guests and see almost every one in use! Max wrote the ceremony, and it had everyone (especially me) in tears. Favors, while an afterthought for many, were a huge priority for us. my dad designed and hand screen printed commemorative shirts and each guest received a vintage hankie and ‘kissing bell’ in their program bag. We also had custom water bottles and frisbees for our rehearsal dinner field games. We wanted our guests to take home the feeling we created and keep it all year.”


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Rustic Luxe Pub Wedding: Marina & Darren

Craig and Kate Photography079

Marina and Darren were married at Burgh House and The Prince Albert pub in Camden. Their day was simple but elegant and beautiful. The bride read the term ‘rustic luxe’ in a bridal magazine and that seemed to fit them perfectly! “Our wedding was full of beautiful rustic touches, like the flowers and picnic baskets, mixed in with a bit of 1920s glamour to give it a luxurious feel,” she explained. “Birds played a small part, as we had become a pair of Finches! We wanted the overall day to feel relaxed and the evening to be like a bloody good night out!”

Craig and Kate Photography092

Marina wore a stunning Jenny Packham gown inspired by the 1920s with Rachel Simpson shoes and flower clips in her hair from Oasis. The day was laid back and fun, and the small guest list (just 47 in total!) meant they could really enjoy spending time with everyone. “We don’t take ourselves too seriously so there was lots of laughter, humour and silliness throughout the whole day, even starting with my arrival!” she continued. “Guests knew I had arrived as they heard me telling family to get in photos! I wanted to have photos in the ‘Sullivan Garden’ before the ceremony as I was going from being a Sullivan to a Finch…at least Darren knew I had arrived!”

Craig and Kate Photography101

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Las Vegas Drive Thru Wedding: Mike & Manda

Mike & Manda Las Vegas By GASP Photography 122

Mike and Manda got engaged in Vegas, so it was only natural that they go back to actually get married too. They wanted a fun and laid back day with no stress at all. They kept things pretty simple and just had fun with it!

“Because we had been to Vegas previously we knew how crazy, carefree and fun it was”, Manda explained. “We wanted the same ideologies for our wedding so this was the perfect place for us to tie the knot. The whole day exceeded our expectations. We had time to reflect later on in the evening, whilst sitting back in our hotel room looking over the dancing neons on the strip drinking vodka. I think we suddenly realised we had just got married in Vegas – that was quite a defining moment. It was such a significant, romantic and awesome feeling in which everything just connected.”

Mike & Manda Las Vegas By GASP Photography 123

The ceremony was at a drive thru chapel, The Special Memory Chapel, I mean what could be more quintessentially Las Vegas than that?! “We are both non-religious so a church was out of the question (in any country) and we both wanted something fun and non-stressful”, she continued. “I found the drive thru on the internet and the deal was sealed. We both loved the idea as it was a little quirky and different to the norm. It was quick, simple, fun and everything we wanted – we even got a novelty ‘Just Wed’ license plate!”

Mike & Manda Las Vegas By GASP Photography 438

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Zombie, Star Wars & Lego Wedding: Angela & Richard

haywood jones photography A&D alternative wedding 64

Angela and Richard were married at The Reading Rooms in Berkswell in May. The groom manages a hotel and sees expensive and impersonal weddings every week, so this couple certainly knew what they didn’t want for their day. What they did want simply evolved from the things they love.

haywood jones photography A&D alternative wedding 14

“We really didn’t have a theme. I love all things old and dusty but we really didn’t want to have a vintage wedding”, Angela explained. “We’re both quite childish too. We’re not very serious people and I think that was reflected in our wedding. There were elements of all the things we both love. There’s a nod to Sci-fi with our choice of date – International Star Wars Day (although I’m Trek and he’s Wars); our Comic book invite with some of our favourite films and characters featured – Bud and his zombie pals from Day of the Dead, a Martian from War of the Worlds and of course Darth. We had Lego minifig favours; everyone knows we’re big kids when it comes to Lego.”

haywood jones photography A&D alternative wedding 40

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Rock n Rapunzel Inspiration Shoot

Rapunzel - 101

Today is an exciting day because it’s time for the New York Blogcademy! I can’t wait to meet the new crop of enthusiastic bloggers who come to the class. It’s always one of my favourite moments of the whole weekend and to celebrate, I wanted to share this awesomely creative shoot submitted by wedding planner and stylish Georgina of Ruby Weddings. Georgina came to the workshop in London in January and I’m so thrilled to share her work with you guys today, what a talented bunch of babes our students are!

Rapunzel - 041

“Photographer Shannon of SLR Photography and I wanted to create a series of inspirational bridal shoots for couples looking to do something different for their wedding day”, Georgina writes. “We want to encourage them to think outside of the box. Shannon loves Disney films so we decided to re-create the popular fairytale stories with a little twist. We imagined Rapunzel as a kick ass girl trying to escape from her tower, and when she does finally break free she marries the man of her dreams – a little corny but that is how all of the best fairytales end!”

Rapunzel - 227

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