Thursday Treats: Rediscovering my Bliss

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Photography: Brooke Davis

The three of us nonchalantly asked the amazing Brooke Davis if she’d mind taking a few shot of us while we were hanging out at Photography Farm the other week. She delivered magic. Oh lord, I can’t wait to see and share the rest with you guys! It’s so interesting seeing yourself shot by so many different photographers. Each one has their own style, their own eye for detail and their own way of capturing emotion. I call this one contented and in love. We are you know… the three of us are head over heels infatuated with each other.

But it’s been so nice this week to spend most of my time at home… in my PJs and working through my ‘to do’ list. I’ve braved the supermarket, but mostly I’ve just been on my computer or having cuddles with my little family. It’s been kinda blissful.

Scouring the interwebz for all the pretty clicky links that I’ve missed hasn’t been too much of a chore either.

Weddings & Weddingy Things

♥ Dreamy warm drinks of sunshine
Elegant Brooklyn reception
This moody beach pre-wed shoot makes my heard go BOOM
♥ Montana backyard wedding
♥ Industrial glam
♥ Singin’ in the rain!
♥ Victorian old west wedding
♥ So you want to have a friend officiate..?
♥ R2D2 shoes!
Glitter rainbow wedding


Photography: Clayton Austin

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Design & Win Your Wedding Shoes with IF Ladies

win wedding shoes IF

Oh goodness have I got the best contest EVER for you today! The fashion giants that are IF Ladies (the ladies division of Iron Fist Clothing) would like to offer one very lucky Rock n Roll Bride-to-be the prize that might just make her wedding. How would you like to design your own pair of wedding shoes… and then win them to rock on your big day!?

I don’t think I really need to tell you who IF Ladies are. If you’re anything like me you’ve been lusting over their delightfully weird, wonderful and often ghoulish (the zombie stompers are still some of my faves) designs for years. But if for some crazy reason you haven’t yet been blessed with their wonder, have a gander at what they say about themselves…

win wedding shoes IF2

“IF is fun, loud and never says ‘I’m sorry’. Colorful and out of control, our prints are known the world over for bold and badass artwork, unique designs and details that rock. Breakneck and bold as hell, IF is full of over-the-top statement pieces ranging from footwear to apparel and accessories. We’ve kicked our fashion forward, giving out style that’s effortless insolence in a mundane world. The IF customer wants to shout out to the non-believers who she is and what she wants to be. She’s the adventure hungry teen climbing over the fence, and the media savvy chick who’s a hit on YouTube. She knows that what she buys makes her own lifestyle awesome, and tells others to do the same. She is authentic and knows what’s not up to par with her lifestyle. She oozes fashion and uniqueness from her pores. She likes what she likes. And she doesn’t give a shit what you think.”

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Love & Reports From The Blogcademy, London

inspiration by veronica dearly

I was more nervous than usual for The Blogcademy‘s London leg. Not only did we have two sold out classes to do (oh the added pressure!) but being on my own turf I really felt like it was little old me that had to make sure it delivered – like if it wasn’t as awesome as the New York event it would all be my fault. Oh and the weather decided to go all kinds of cray cray two days beforehand too. That’s always fun.

But I need not have worried. With my fellow headmistresses by my side and 60 eager bloggers waiting in the wings we had the best time ever! The English, Irish, Scottish & Welsh contingent all turned out in force and, yet again, we had many an international babe flying in especially for the occasion. Vienna, Estonia, Sweden, Canada and New York were all represented and they were eager to laugh and learn with us all weekend!

I could bang on and on about how amazing the two workshops were for an age, but honestly, our graduates did it so much better than I ever could. So instead, I’m handing the reigns over to them…


“Well I have to say that it was officially the greatest weekend I’ve ever experienced! I have never in all my days, felt so inspired or excited in my life. My head is jam packed with ideas, my notebook is full and my head is now covered in sparkly bows and bunny-ears”. Emma Rose Black

“Something inside has clicked. I’ve done B-School, I’ve read numerous books & listened to countless voices, but the bringing together of like minded souls is something really special. So for now I just wanted to say from the bottom of my heart, thank you for all the time, energy & love you put into The Blogcademy. It truly feels like a gift that will keep on giving and one that will enable me to grow and pass on the gifts I have for the benefit of others.” Jayne Rusby


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Simple & Cozy London Knees Up: Lee & Lauren


Red flowing locks, a faux fur coat, deep red flowers in her hair… as soon as I spied the beautiful Lauren on photographer Emma Case’s blog I knew she was definitely a Rock n Roll bride. And then I saw the entire wedding and I literally couldn’t wait to get it up on these pages – as soon as possible!

Lee & Lauren were married in November at Stoke Newington Town Hall. They has their reception at The Artisan of Clerkenwell, a pub/restaurant in North East London. They did things their own way. They picked a non-traditional venue, they homemade as much as possible and only invited people that they really wanted to be there. This wedding was every bit the modern fairytale.


“Our inspiration just came naturally from the things we like; granny vintage, proper food, indie/rock n roll music, London, cameras, beer and above all a good ol’ knees up with our friends and family”, began the bride. “We didn’t set out to do anything ‘different’ really, but by knowing ourselves and what we really like, we knew that we wouldn’t shy away from things that might be considered a bit different either.  We just wanted to do things that we thought would make for a really good day for everyone. The atmosphere was the most important thing – we wanted people to drink lots, dance like mad and have a great time. We didn’t invite children partly because of the venue, but mainly because we wanted everyone to let their hair down. This decision possibly caused a few ripples but we both believe it was the right one.”


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Seven Reasons Why You Should Start a Honeymoon Registry with Traveler’s Joy

passports rocknrollbride

You might have guessed already, but 2013 is the year of travel for Rock n Roll Bride. I am scooting off to a scarily high number of far flung places all with The Blogcademy and I couldn’t be more excited about it all. I can’t wait to experience new things and have the time of my life doing it, all the while passing it off as work!

So needless to say, I was super excited when the honeymoon registry service Traveler’s Joy, got in touch because, quite frankly, all Rock n Roll Bride readers deserve an awesome honeymoon too. 

With so many of us living with our partners before we marry, an ever-increasing number of newlyweds have no need for the traditional ‘new home, new life’ gifts. So instead of getting another damn George Foreman grill or an over-priced toaster, how about registering for the honeymoon of a lifetime? You’ve probably heard of honeymoon registries before, but just in case you haven’t, let me fill you in on seven reasons why I think you should give Traveler’s Joy a whirl. Over 100,000 previous customers can’t be wrong after all!

travelers joy 5

♥ Traveler’s Joy offers an ‘instant registry’, which means it’s easier than ever to sign up. It literally takes minutes. Simply fill in the online form and voila! You can choose from a list of 50 theme based (i.e. a beach holiday, a skiing trip, a city break…) or location specific (France, Tuscany, Japan…) lists. Then, with just one click, you can add items and experiences to your registry. You can edit, delete or add extra items whenever you like to.

♥ Group gifting. It’s easy to divide the cost of your expensive items into smaller chuncks. Which means that if you wanted to add slightly pricier gifts to your list, your wedding guests can split the cost and all contribute to one mega item.

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Reclaimed & Revisited DIY Wedding: Josh & Scott

Adam Lowe Photography_0302

Before I even saw these photographs I knew I wanted to blog this wedding. Wedding photographer, Adam Lowe, described the event to me as ‘a mega super awesome gay punk dude wedding’ and I instantly knew it would be amazing… and oh boy how right I was!

Josh & Scott were married in October at 400 West Rich, a 100,000 sq foot warehouse in Columbus, Ohio. They did pretty much everything themselves and spent just $3000 making their wedding perfect. “We met through a gay social networking and just got to talking”, they began. “About three months later we were taking turns visiting each other and three months after that Josh moved to Columbus. Josh is a huge Disney fan and we planned a trip to Disney and Scotty ordered an engagement ring. He proposed to Josh in front of Cinderella’s Castle.”

Adam Lowe Photography_0378

“We wanted a very organically flowing wedding. The ceremony was short but personal with personal vows”, they continued. “The space we used for our wedding was an old factory that is being converted into artist studios. Being so DIY minded, it just made sense to use it and create a warm welcoming environment on our own. Being vegans and experiencing some bad catered vegan food options at weddings we knew we did not want to depend on a caterer to make the food. Instead we did it all ourselves with help of friends. We are talking 400 tamales, 100 ‘chicken’ wings, 300 cake pops… We also had the majority of our friends and wedding party involved in doing something to help out. We know people in bands, people who are DJs and bartenders. Everyone volunteered their time and took turns helping out and partying!”

Adam Lowe Photography_0192

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