Bright and Bold Maximalist Wedding Shoot

Photos by Vicki

September 28, 2023

For couples who dare to dream in vibrant hues and think outside the box, this editorial shoot is a visual feast for the eyes! Inspired by Married at First Sight expert, Mel Schilling and a colour block red and pink jacket she wore, a team of alternative wedding suppliers came together to create something that bursts with colour, personality and unapologetic fun. 

With real couple Isabella and Jess as the stars, their personalities shone through every frame. Heart-shaped sunglasses, a red and floral dress from Rose Savage and vibrant decor courtesy of Streamadelica, Paddox Flowers and Joely Illustrates make this a true celebration of everything we love here at Rock n Roll Bride!

“What sets this shoot apart from the rest? Well, where do we begin!?”, writes wedding planner/ stylist and visionary behind the shoot, Katie Lou. “We had show-stopping outfits, colour clash, and a cereal bar. We wanted to encourage people to create their own rules. It’s your wedding and you will never please everyone so do what makes your heart sing!”