Botanical Wedding in Johannesburg

Modern Hearts

May 3, 2016

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Tatum and John were married in South Africa in April. They planned the wedding from London, where they now live. “Our wedding was boho-ish”, said the bride. “We really wanted the day to reflect who we are, so we didn’t follow any set theme but used elements of many things that we loved. There were lots of fresh flowers, candles in jars and pretty fairy lights everywhere. We also wanted to stay true to our African roots so included elements of traditional Xhosa fabric in the bunting, napkins and blankets.”

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“Something we did differently to a lot of other weddings is that we walked down the aisle together”, she continued. “It was important to us because we’re partners in life so as cheesy as it sounds we wanted to do that together.”

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The wedding budget was £8000, which included their flights. “I wish I’d known before we started planning that it’s not not always fun. A lot of it is just about coordinating the logistics of the day. Which can be fun… sometimes. But also often stressful. We were planning the wedding from London without a wedding planner which made it really hard, but we were so lucky that my friend and sister who are both based in Johannesburg helped out so much and did all the running around for us.”

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“The best bit of the day was the ceremony, especially saying our vows. When we had first begun chatting with our celebrant she had asked us to complete worksheets that asked us how we met, what we loved about each other but also what are philosophy on money is, kids etc. She then used our answers to build the most special, personal ceremony.”

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“My advice for other couples would be that weddings are stressful to plan. and you are going to fight with your partner”, she concluded. “But just remember why you are planning a wedding in the first place and know that all that really matters is that at the end of the day you’ll be married to the person you love.”

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