Rockabilly Wedding in Germany with Wedding Day Tattoos


April 17, 2024

Kevin and Larissa’s wedding was held in Wambacher Mühle, an old mill museum, in Schlangenbad, Germany. Rescheduled three times due to COVID, third time was certainly lucky charm for this pair and they eventually tied the knot on the 23rd June 2023.

“Each postponement, while disheartening, only strengthened our bond and our desire to celebrate our love with all our dear ones,” shared Larissa. “In Germany we say ‘all good things come in threes’ and so it was with our wedding. We decided to let this be the slogan of the day”. They even ended the night by both getting a 23 tattoo!

Their theme had a rockabilly flair and the whole day felt very relaxed and chill. “We had slot machines and games for people to play and for toasts there was a choice of sparkling wine or Jack Daniels. We also had a frozen yoghurt station!”

“Don’t underestimate the fact how important the photos are”, Larissa concluded when asked if she had any advice for other couples. “All that remain of this unforgettable day are the pictures that you will hopefully still look at together in 50 years!”