Relaxed, Informal & Inclusive Wedding at Asylum Chapel

Jim Taylor Photo

April 16, 2024

The Asylum Chapel is one of the coolest alternative ceremony spaces in London, and as soon as they walked in, Elisa and Will knew it was the place for them. The day was relaxed, personal, informal and intimate. However, their main inspiration was to create an inclusive day.

“Our goal was to create a day that was inclusive and personal, where everyone felt part of our journey, regardless of their beliefs, “Elisa shared. “We wanted to celebrate without relying on religion but not at the cost of excluding any of our guests who were religious, or otherwise. We tailored the ceremony based on how we met, what we believe in and our interests. At the suggestion of our celebrant, we circulated the rings around the guests so they could all impart their own blessing. We also didn’t have best men or bridesmaids.”

Conducted in both English and Italian, the ceremony also paid homage to their mixed heritage. “Having the ceremony in both languages was really important to us”, the bride continued. “It was a way to honour our families and ensure everyone felt included. The ring ritual was such a powerful moment feeling the warmth and love of our friends and family as they held our rings.”

Than came their super laidback reception at the Prince of Peckham. There were zero formalities and the evening was filled with laughter, dancing, and, of course, an abundance of food. The fully vegan menu was a hit with all their guests, too. “Our biggest expense was the food, but it was worth every penny”. Elisa explained. “Seeing our guests enjoy the vegan feast and the midnight pizza was incredible.”

Although they didn’t go crazy on additional staling or decorations, one of the most memorable aspects of the evening was their custom temporary tattoos featuring Will and Elisa’s faces, which guests sported in various, often humorous, places. “It was a fun way to add a bit of our personality to the day. Some of the placements were definitely unexpected!” Elisa laughed.

Their advice to other couples planning their wedding is simple yet profound: “Do what makes YOU happy. It’s your day, and it should reflect who you are as a couple. Make sure to spend time with your partner and really soak in the day together.”