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Hey there doll, don’t be shy, I’d love to hear from you! For advertising info, press enquires, messages of love and everything in between simply drop me an email to However before emailing, be sure to check out the FAQ on my about page to see if I’ve answered it already!

I am an email obsessive so I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Further information on blog advertising can be found here. Please note, the print magazine does not have any form of advertising in it.

Although I try my darnedest to reply to every email I receive, I regrettably don’t have the time to send in depth responses to all wedding planning or blogging questions. I also am unable to help with school projects or University dissertations.

I do not publish guest posts, unless we are already BFFs. Seriously, Mr. Spammy SEO man, don’t waste your time asking.


  1. Gina Voss

    I’m from Brazil and your site it’s inpire me a lot! I’m adapt some ideias, but most difficult it’s been the location. Out side no way, it’s really too hot kkkkkkkk
    Thanks a lot for sharing so stunings weedings!!!

  2. Louisa Swan

    I would love for you to blog my wedding. It will be at Edinburgh Zoo 26th July this year. Neil thomas douglas is my photographer. My dress is being made by flossy and dossy and I am a qualified jeweller so I have made all my head pieces/jewellery and lots of other bits and pieces.

    Louisa Swan

  3. Hi
    I just want to say how fab your web site is. I came across it a while ago whilst looking for rock theme wedding cakes. Im a cake decorator and love making really diff stuff which not too many people allow unfortunately but they are coming around, but im also planning mine & my husband renewal vows hopefuly this summer in vegas so lots of ideas are coming from your site. Anyway just want to say again its incredible and I will keep looking at the pics for inspiration. Well done Sara xx

  4. Angie hammond

    Hey we are a middle aged couple just been married in Vegas arrived on a harley Davidson trike with my black dress with red harts and red underskirts blowing in the wind 1950′s style are you interested???

  5. Samantha Webster


    I’m looking for a make-up artist to do my friend’s bridal make-up in April in Bristol.

    Can you give any recommendations?

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Samantha x

  6. K

    Hiya :)
    We are planning a rock meets eco-hippy wedding for August 2015. Does anyone know of any wonderful venues (fields!) in the Brecon Beacons area where we could hold our funky humanist ceremony? Any suggestions at all would be awesome, I’m struggling :(

  7. Katherine Hesp

    It’s so easy to swept along with the tradition white wedding, especially with alot of bridal magazines sawing the same thing month in month out. I just want to thank you for making me and my fiancé realise that we can actually organise something that reflects us, our personalities and the way we met (colourful, bright and in a uni teaching lab).
    Thursday’s are now my favourite day of the week.
    You’re the shining pink haired beacon in a sea of frilly white dresses :-)

  8. Hey,

    I would just like to say, your photography is so stunning!!! I have just started as a wedding photographer myself, in NZ so the chances of getting the stunning weddings you do are slim haha!! anyways, I have been dying to ask you, when you are taking photos of the bride and groom on their own, how long do you normally take? I always try to rush it, because I don’t want to keep them from the wedding, but because I rush it, I end up with stuff all good images of just them. If you answer this, THANK YOU!!
    p.s you are my hero <3

    Thank you for your time!

  9. Hi, I just found a past wedding at our chapel on your website, is there anyway to obtain a copy? Also, we just opened another Vegas Style Wedding Chapel on Famous Music Row in Nashville Tennessee, called the Outlaw Wedding Chapel, is there a way to advertise both chapels on your site?

  10. Tobias H.

    Wish I would’ve known about you back in 2012. My wife and I designed and paid for our own little Rockabilly Wedding ourselves. Your posts have had me looking through our photos and simply falling for this woman all over again. Hope what you do makes others feel the same. Cheers from Houston TX!

  11. Karen Smith

    Please forgive me if I appear a little (well dim) but I love reading at your site and viewing the most beautiful wedding photos. I love all things retro & I’m a bit confused as to wether you have a Rock N Roll Bride magazine publication or just this site ??

    Regards Karen

  12. Heather

    I love seeing all the great ideas. I’m planning a Halloween wedding for myself this year. Any ideas?

  13. Gemma

    I am struggling to find my wedding dress.
    I’m from Essex (don’t judge me!) I am looking for a blush coloured dress that has an ethereal look to it. If you know of any places that I could go and visit that do dresses that are a little different, a push in the right direction would be much appreciated.
    Love the page, it’s keeping me sane whilst planning.
    Gemma x

  14. hey I got married in a vintage bowling club, are you interested in some picks, I am a wedding designer in NZ and been featured in style me pretty with my work before but my wedding i feel would suit you guys

  15. Jen

    Hello Rock n Roll Bride. I absolutely adore your website….it has to be my fav wedding blog.
    Only problem being i’m not very savvy on how to search for something on your site….so the question i’m about to ask help with may already have been answered on your site.

    My oldest friend is getting married in less than 4 weeks time (2nd August) and she has just asked me today to do a reading at her humanist ceremony. Now it completely terrifies me to have to do any type of public speaking but i am obviously completely honoured to have been asked and know it would mean a lot to her.
    I now have the dreaded task of finding what to say….any advice on readings?!? i would like to make it as personal as possible without it being a speech as such, just not too sure where to find the right kind of thing…any advice would be great.

    Hope you can help, thanks x

  16. I have a styled shoot I am looking to get published on a blog, thought I would start at the top and see if you are interested. I can send you photos and a piece I have had written about the shoot, would love to hear back from you.
    Many thanks Anne

  17. hello everybody,

    my name is nathalie shabou and i come from germany =) i’am weddingplaner and we have a new project now: we would like to open a new online-shop about weddings.

    when you’re interessted, pls write me i look forward =)!

    love nathalie the wedding fairy!


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