A Speakeasy Soirée

Rachel Henry Photo

December 14, 2023

Describing their theme as a “Speakeasy Soiree,” Brianna and Zakary, who officially eloped a few months before, planned a night of revelry and a reception filled with vintage charm. Letting go of some traditional wedding elements to maintain the flow of the party, Brianna shares, “We focused on what was really ‘us’ and not what was traditionally expected of us.”

Before everyone arrived, the couple showed their family and closest friends the video of them exchanging vows and then they did a whiskey unity ceremony. “We took my favourite whiskey and Zak’s favourite whiskey and had each family member use the corresponding whiskey to pour into an aging barrel and everyone took a shot of the blended whiskey before we branded the barrel with a brand”, she continued. “We now take celebratory shots from this barrel for monumental events in our lives such as buying a house, promotions, etc.”

The couple’s idea for the decorations was to keep things elegant and with a vintage edge. Glass pieces were collected from estate sales and thrift stores, including glass mushrooms, vases, pitchers and bowls. Their favourite decor piece was the DIY photo wall and sofa set. They found the couch on Facebook Marketplace for around $50 and my the bride’s mum reupholstered in red velvet.

“Remember what the day is about at its core”, Brianna advises, “and make decisions from that place, not the part of you that wants to appease a family member or what social media might make you think you’re supposed to do. You’re about to commit to the love of your life! Don’t start that journey off by being stressed out of your mind and disconnected from the person that should be at the forefront – your future spouse! And remember, all a great party just needs good music, food and drinks. Everything else is a wonderful, added bonus.”