An Old Florida Inspired Grungy Elopement

Chupich Photography

February 16, 2024

With a budget of just $500, but a ton of ideas, photographer Florence Chupich and florist Revel teamed up to create this elopement photo shoot. It was inspired by the ‘old’ part of Florida, away from the tourist traps and theme parks.

Florence explains, “I would walk past the location we shot at on my daily commute, even when I was a small child. Over the years I’ve seen so many cool, old structures get knocked down with big establishments being built to cater to the tourists. As the years go by, more and more of our ‘old Florida’ treasures are being demolished. I am inspired to find beauty in unconventional spaces so I wanted to bring some light into this retro setting.”

Using a colour palette of mint, lilac and bright pink, their real life husband and wife models, Alynet and Jude, wore pieces from Anthropolgie, Zara and ASOS. And after endless searching for just the right veil to match the hot pink shoes, Florence ended up making one herself from fabric found at a craft store.

“This shoot was a colourful and a bit grunge”, she concluded. “Its certainly not conventional and that’s why its perfect for Rock n Roll Bride!”