A Burst of Sunshine at an Old Weaving Mill

Boda Photography

April 2, 2024

Bethan and Robbie were married at The Weaving Shed in Dundee. Originally an old weaving mill (which is still functioning as such in the adjoining rooms) the industrial backdrop provided an aesthetically pleasing juxtaposition with their bright and colourful theme.

From the onset, it was clear that this was going to be a celebration that left tradition at the door. Bethan, a sculptor who molds metal into art, donned a glorious bright yellow dress, complemented by a ruffled shrug and yellow and multi-colored block heels. Using her metalwork skills, she also designed the wedding arch.

“We wanted a wedding where everyone felt comfortable and happy. A people-focused party”. Bethan shared. “Every minute with our favourite people mattered! We didn’t have a best-man or maid of honour, just a group of special people, and our top table consisted of our siblings. Our speeches during the meal didn’t entirely follow tradition either. We opened up the floor to friends as well as family, and our star speaker was the mother of the groom.”

The couple arrived at the venue early for a first look and more formal photos with their nearest and dearest before the ceremony. The bride then walked down the aisle to Backstreet Bardcore I Want It That Way as Robbie is a huge Brooklyn 99 fan and they both danced out to Beyoncé’s Summer Renaissance. “We used a Quaich in our ceremony to hold our ceremonial Espresso Martini”, Bethan continued. “Robbie brought the whiskey, I brought the Kahlua.”

The reception, held in the same venue, was a continuation of the colourful theme and party vibe, with cocktails instead of champagne and a pizza party instead of a formal three-course meal. They had pool and a Nintendo Switch set up for people to play, and they ended the night with a ceilidh.

“We both agree that our favourite part of the day was taking 20 minutes just to wander by ourselves outside”, Bethan remembered. “We were advised to do this by so many of our friends, so halfway through the evening we slipped out and sat on the wall outside the venue. We ended up having great chat with a man walking his dog. His grandma used to work in the venue back when it was a textiles mill, but he didn’t seem phased at all to find two newlyweds sitting outside of it!”

“Traditions aren’t essential,” Bethan concluded. “Don’t wear white, wear yellow. Don’t like churches? Get married in a factory. Do what you want and what will make you happy!”