Inclusive Wedding Shoot that Breaks the Heteronormative Mold

Sydney Rae Photography

September 14, 2023

When real couple Anna and Rose were invited to take part in a photo shoot with some inclusive wedding vendors, they didn’t hesitate to say yes to the opportunity to get some cute couple shots. Organised by Becca of Wed 2 You, a plus size, pansexual wedding planner from Washington DC, the concept behind the shoot was to was to showcase and highlight the LGBTQ+ community in the wedding realm.

“This shoot includes inclusive suits, unique wedding dresses and inclusive culture”, Becca writes. “All aspects of the shoot encompass expressive wedding couples who don’t want to fit within a ‘mold’. We gave heteronormative a back seat with the LGBTQ+ community taking centre stage. We wanted to show that all love belongs and there doesn’t have to be ‘one’ way to have a wedding.”

“We also wanted to show that a wedding doesn’t have to be 250 people”, she continued. “It can just be the couple getting married by their favourite drag queen in the middle of the street and enjoying their favourite foods and beverages together in the way that works for them.”

“It’s extremely disappointing that the wedding industry is not more inclusive. There are not enough wedding attire shops catering to inclusive clothing. Vendors are not giving the platform that all humans deserve and making it ‘hard’ to be an LGBTQ+ couple with verbiage that state ‘bride + groom’ or not being proactive and requesting pronouns.”

“I want to change all of this and show that real humans deserve to showcase their love regardless of skin, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, body type and more. Love has no colour, gender or type. Showcase your love the way you want and how you want. Find vendors that support you as humans and a couple. You do you, boo!”