Low Key London Legal Wedding with a Gothic, Nerdy Edge

Lorna Newman Weddings

April 19, 2024

Sammi and Anton are having a big wedding in August on a private island in the Philippines, but as they live in London, they needed to do the legal bit here. So, they decided to make a day of it – inviting their closest family for a ceremony (on their anniversary) at Camden Register Office, dressing up and getting some great photos!

“Our big wedding will be gothy and nerdy”, the bride told us. “This wedding was kind of a last minute decision, but we still tried to make it so we stayed true to who we are. We both love video games and heavy metal and I am a big fan of Halloween, anything spooky and gothic!”

Sammi wore a Club L London dress with Killstar black boots and a leather jacket which she’d bought in Camden years ago. Anton’s suit came from Moss, and he made it his own by adding a red shirt which he found on Amazon.

“I’d say the details in our outfits definitely made them feel unique”, said Sammi. “The added leather jacket and black, platform boots for me, the red, paisley shirt and collar pins for Anton. I was really inspired by Tiffany’s outfit from Bride of Chucky. It was easy since I already had the leather jacket and boots, but being only 5ft I wanted to feel tall which is why I got the platform boots from Killstar!”

Although the ceremony was quick, they wanted to make it feel personal too. The music choices were paramount, with them choosing songs inspired by metal music and from their favourite video games. “We were so excited for the music!” Anton told us. “We were already in the middle of putting together a few playlists for our big wedding so we already had a pool to choose from. We walked up the marble staircase and had the ceremony playing Apocalyptica’s rendition of Nothing Else Matters. After that we took pictures to The Power (orchestral version) by Borislav Slalov which is from a game called Baldur’s Gate 3.”

After the ceremony, the couple and their photographer, Lorna Newman, took a limo ride around the city for photos in some iconic locations. They went to the London Eye and the Southbank. They then met up with everyone and had dinner at Phoenix Palace restaurant.

“Navigating the wedding industry was overwhelming, everything was basically white, beige and expensive!”, Sammi concluded. “I was so happy that a friend of ours gifted me the Rock n Roll Bride book for my birthday. Not only did it help with the planning, but it gave us cool and unique ideas for a wedding that really fit our personality. This was also how we met our amazing photographer, Lorna! We went to the Rock n Roll Bride Live event in 2023 and met so many cool suppliers. So thank you Rock n Roll Bride!”