Intimate & Tranquil Beach Wedding in Mexico

Jorge Kick

February 5, 2024

Emily and Jon met online and during their first date and fueled by a few drinks, ended up booking a holiday together! Their love of travel influenced their wedding too, with them choosing Casa Tauro in Costa Careyes, Mexico, as the perfect serene haven perfect for their dreamy bohemian wedding on the beach.

The groom took the lead with the vision for their wedding, and his dream of a casual and relaxed wedding with a barefoot vibe and just a few guests suited Emily, too. She relaxed, trusted, and enjoyed the whole planning process. The couple rented a luxurious home with two private beaches for them and their guests to stay in, and for the wedding to take place.

The festivities began with a rooftop welcome cocktail party on Thursday, followed by a beach bonfire under the stars. On the Friday, the wedding day, they started with a private yoga session for Emily and her friends and beach relaxation for Jon and his.

The ceremony was a blend of the soothing ocean view and the melody of a guitar duet. “We had our ceremony on a private beach, with our reception/ party on another private beach just next door, but out of sight”, Jon told us. “This was our favourite part of the wedding.”

“After the ceremony, all of our guests boarded a little boat which took them around the headland to where our party was. There was a mariachi band there to greet them, with the beach lit up with candles and fairy lights. Emily and I then took the final boat together to go and join our guests, where they were all waiting for us on the beach. These moments alone with my wife were incredibly special as it allowed us a moment of reflection after the ceremony; and approaching the beach with our friends and family waiting for us was very special.”

The dinner featured a vast menu of local delicacies, while their custom mango mezcal margarita and tequila spicy margarita delighted everybody. The dance floor, set on the sand and adorned with string lights and a disco ball, invited everyone to dance the night away. “We loved the table set-up”, the groom continued. “It was directly on the sand underneath a group of palm trees, lit up by fairy lights, chandeliers and candles and was visually incredibly impressive.”

Planning a destination wedding meant they had to trust their local suppliers without meeting them, and finding a wedding planner to help them was key. “With the support of our lovely wedding planner, we managed the whole thing from abroad”, explained Jon. “This included booking the wedding venue before we had seen it, which was not ideal. A good wedding planner is worth their weight in gold though. They have done it all before, a hundred times over. Put your trust in them and it’ll all come together.”

“On the day, after the ceremony, take 10 minutes to stop”, he advised in conclusion. “Create a space and moment for you and your new husband / wife so that you can enjoy their company without friends and family. Have a pause and a moment where you can stand back, look what’s before you, and to take it all in. The day goes so quickly, so it’s important to try and create a few moments where you can really appreciate it.”