Calling All DIY Enthusiasts & Budding Writers: Contributions for Rock n Roll Bride Magazine Needed!

Elvis & Priscilla Wedding Shoot

Producing a bi-monthly magazine is a dream come true, but I certainly can’t do it all by myself. As well as Shauna and Samantha (our designers) and Gareth, who organises all the more technical aspects (printing and distribution) we rely heavily on the awesome submissions we receive. Whether it be a real wedding, an idea for an article, a photo shoot or a DIY tutorial – we want to hear from you!

If you’ve always dreamt of seeing your words, images or a project you’ve created in print, this is your chance! Submitting a real wedding or photo shoot for the magazine is the same process as applying for the blog (just let me know when you send it if you are particularly interested in print). However applying to write or create a project specifically for the magazine can seem a little bit more daunting. It doesn’t have to be though!

Here’s what we’re looking for our contributors:

Someone who loves to write (or create DIY projects). You don’t have to have any experience or to have been published before, but if you’re submitting an article you do need to be able to write in a concise and coherent manner. If you are creating a DIY project it needs to be something unique, quirky and easy for our readers to recreate. One of the best ways to see your work published is to come up with an idea before you get in touch. Here are some more tips on how to get published.

Someone who has a unique perspective. Your article can be funny, a personal story, an opinion piece (although I’d shy away from rants!) or all of the above. What I really want to see is ideas and articles that I wouldn’t be able to come up with myself.

Someone that is passionate about alternative weddings. Being interested in weddings in general is one thing, but what we really need is contributors who have a unique perspective on wedding planning and are happy to share things that will help our readers plan their own big (or small!) days.

Elvis & Priscilla Wedding Shoot

Someone that really wants to help and share the things they’ve learned. This one is super important! Your number one priority with your article should be that it helps brides and grooms to plan their weddings. If you have a wedding business (maybe you’re a florist and you want to write about unique ideas for bouquets, or you’re a speech writer and you want to share some tips about how to pen a great wedding speech) then great. However don’t submit a piece where all you talk about is who you are and what you do. That’s what our advertising packages are for. First and foremost your article needs to be helpful and informative for our readers.

Someone that can meet deadlines and accept editorial feedback. You’ll be working (remotely, via email) directly with me and I’ll most likely send you feedback on whatever you submit. I may also choose to edit your piece so it fits our specific editorial guidelines (I’ll always run any changes by you first) and in some rare instances the piece may need to be dropped or completely reworked to be suitable. Don’t take it personally if something you submit isn’t quite right! Print deadlines can also creep up very quickly and are absolute so you may need to turn an article or project around quite quickly.

If you are creating a DIY project, then you will need to arrange for it to be photographed. The quality of the photographs is of the utmost importance (if you’ve seen the magazine I hope you’ll realise why!) While the images don’t necessarily have to photographed by a professional photographer, they do need to be at a high standard and supplied as 300 DPI, high res files in order for us to be able print them (snaps take on your phone most likely won’t make the cut). For writing-only contributions we are able to source the imagery ourselves.

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Black & White, Rock n Roll Wedding

black and white rocknroll wedding (14)

Joey and Emily’s wedding was pure Rock n Roll! “Our theme was Rock n Roll chic”, said the bride. “We wanted it to be as ‘us’ as possible – still a wedding, but anything but basic as far as details were concerned. Our photography was definitely inspired by Kim and Kanye’s wedding photos – we wanted high contrast, mostly black and white pictures.”

black and white rocknroll wedding (13)

” We wrote our own ceremony script together and then asked a close friend to serve as officiant. This made the ceremony feel more intimate and genuinely emotional for us. The best moment for both of us was when I walked down the aisle and we first saw each other. All of the stress from earlier in the day instantly disappeared and everything really hit us in the sense that it was really happening – it was perfect! We were also so in love with the way the ceremony decor turned out, with all of the mismatched candles on the fireplace mantle and the black rose petals with greenery lining the aisles.”

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Heartfelt & Bohemian Joshua Tree Wedding

Heartfelt & Bohemian Joshua Tree Wedding (45)

Elizabeth and Capac were married in Joshua Tree National Park. The got ready together at Tile House, a rainbow clad rental in the desert, followed by an intimate outdoor ceremony and a low key reception with their guests at The Inn of The Seventh Ray in Topanga.

“We met on Venice Beach just as the sun was setting”, said the bride. “I was reading a play and on my own, Capac was with his friend. We discussed the flower market in London and then met a couple of weeks later and stood under a cherry tree in DTLA catching the blossoms.”

Heartfelt & Bohemian Joshua Tree Wedding (27)

“Our wedding ceremony had a bohemian desert theme. We decided to have a Native American ceremony surrounded by the people we love. We wrote it ourselves, including several traditional Native American rituals such as the smudging of the wedding party and the placing of a wedding blanket over the bride and groom’s shoulders. We also wrote our own vows. The ceremony allowed us to not only strengthen our bond with each other but also to nature.”

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The Addams Family in Marrakech


Dena and Mel might be up there with one of the coolest couples I’ve ever had the pleasure of featuring! They were married in Marrakech in March but they didn’t have a completely traditional Moroccan wedding, they did it in their own style!


“We knew we wanted some traditional Moroccan elements for our wedding but the wedding actually ended up being a little like The Addams family summer holiday. We are very OK with that! We toyed with so many ideas as we didn’t have a clear vision when we started making our plans. We knew we wanted a relatively small and intimate affair but when we decided on Morocco, it became a little more elaborate.”

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Issue 10 in Stores TODAY!

rocknrollbride magazine issue 10 (22)

Can you believe we’ve now done ten whole issues of the magazine?! If you haven’t pre-ordered or subscribed yet (why the hell not?! UK shipping is free you know!) than you should pop down to your local WhSmiths or Sainsburys today and grab yourself a copy. Here’s a little peek at what’s inside.

As always, I’d love if you posted a selfie with your copy on Instagram or Twitter. Use the hashtag #rocknrollbridemagazine and my favourites will be featured inside the next issue!

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Vintage New Orleans Wedding

Vintage New Orleans wedding (21)

Lance and Natasha’s New Orleans wedding was inspired by 1920s art deco meets the early 1960s, “I didn’t want a ‘period’ wedding necessarily but my world is vintage obsessed”, said the bride.

She wore a vintage dress, headpiece and shoes. “I basically started with the dress and it all sort of fell into place with this super-deco vibe. For fear of it becoming a costume party I decided to break up the 20s look a bit when it came to hair and make up. I went for more of a Betty Draper inspired up do, a matte coral-red lip, and black cat-eye a la 1960s. I guess you could say the inspiration for my wedding was a deep desire to be part of a Great Gatsby-like existence and a Mad Men-type reality all at once!”

Vintage New Orleans wedding (29)

“We didn’t really follow too closely to the rules and ways of most traditional weddings but all the same I don’t think we did anything TOO out-of-the-box. Our boss married us, which was bold coming from Lance’s side of the family who are all super religious. I will also say though, that I completely forgot about a cake knife and so we ended up improvising with a giant kitchen cleaver at last minute!”

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