Punks, Goths and Grunge Kids: Groom Style That’s Anything But Boring!

punks goths grunge groom style ideas

I don’t know about you, but I’ve noticed a frightening lack of wedding inspiration for grooms on wedding blogs. It’s all dresses, cakes and flowers – not very manly! It can be really difficult to find groom styling inspiration when planning your wedding so today, let’s try and do something about it. It’s time to ditch the ill-fitting rental suits and celebrate some individuality.

Let’s hear it for the boys!

Pink hair, don’t care


Source: Rock n Roll LA Wedding

Old skool British punk


Source: Old Skool Punk Rock Wedding

Sports mad

sports mad groomsmen

Source: Cemetery Wedding with the Bride Arriving in a Coffin

Nineties grunge


Source: Nineties Grunge Elopement

Mohawks for days


Source: Punk Rock Wedding

Biker dudes


Source: Gay Goth Biker Wedding

Super slick


Source: Retro Wedding on Southend Pier

Vacation casual


Source: Intimate Wedding at Home in Spain

Glam rock


Source: A True Rock Star Wedding in Central Park

Colourful punk


Source: Tropical Punk Rock Wedding

Pure Rock n Roll

pirate groomsmen

Source: Black and White Rocker Wedding

Bad ass moustaches


Source: Homemade Tipi Wedding

Black and red


Source: Baroque and Roll Wedding

Kilt and casual


Source: Tattoo Artist’s Studio Wedding

All in white


Source: Epic Las Vegas Elopement

Dia De Los Muertos


Source: Dia De Los Muertos Wedding

Too damn cool…


Source: Spanish Goth Wedding in the Caribbean

Casual hippy


Source: Bohemian Reggae Wedding

Victorian goth


Source: Victorian Vintage Wedding

Country casual


Source: The Real ‘Non-Wedding’

Skulls ‘n floppy hair


Source: Glamorous rocker wedding



Source: Tim Burton Inspired Steampunk Wedding

Retro cool


Source: Black and White 1950s Rock n Roll Wedding

Everyday laid back cool


Source: Autumn Elopement

Blue hair


Source: Deserted Beach Wedding

Mix and match patterns


Source: DIY Farm Wedding

Skater boy


Source: Fancy Dress Halloween Wedding

Soft pink

pink grooms suit bow toe

Source: Family Festival Wedding

All out goth


Source: Friday 13th Wedding



Source: Swedish Pirate Wedding

Smart casual

beach wedding

Source: Beach Wedding in Sweden

I’m wearing a hot pink suit and I’m damn proud of it


Source: Crazy Cool Bali Wedding

And finally, the Godfather of Rock n Roll himself…


Source: Gene Simmons Vow Renewal


  1. Hear, hear Kat! I love the variety of looks you’ve sourced.

    Grooms don’t have to spend big money to make sure they look amazing. If buying off the peg, at least budget a little extra to have minor alterations to make it fit perfectly. It makes all the difference.

    Thanks for posting 😀

  2. Emily Clark

    Thank you so much for this amazing inspiration Kat, and to publish it on the day my poor man is getting fitted for the awful penguin suit he has to wear as his brother’s best man is just perfect. Hopefully this will inspire him 🙂

  3. Great post, so inspirational and you are so right not enough emphasis is placed on the men and how they look, we need more cool menswear suppliers please!!!

  4. Loren

    Fun post. Love the style tips.
    A lot of your internal links are forwarding with a secure protocol of ‘https’ instead of the regular ‘http’. I only mention because some browsers get weird about forwarding to an ‘https’ site that you are not logged into. Mine pops up a weird message asking ‘would you like to proceed’.
    You’ll probably want to leave out the ‘s’ in the future.
    Love the site, keep up the good work.

  5. Karen

    I love the fact that you have focused on the men. They have a key roll in this special day as well.
    My man and I are getting hitched on the 17th of August. I love pin up style it has became my look over that several years so we decided to go with that as our theme and my man came up with the idea of zoot suit. Pin up with 1940’s gangster twist. Oh it will be amazing!!

  6. Sonia

    My soon to be grooms suit cost more than my frock and is so damn amazing I can’t wait to see him down the other end of the isle.17 days and counting…


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