Tropical Punk Rock Wedding: Renee & Micky

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April 24, 2014

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Renee and Micky met while backpacking around Australia. They love the beach and so wanted their wedding to reflect that, but alongside the punk rock edge that defines them both. I don’t know about you but looking at these glorious pictures from Curly Tree Photography makes me really long for Summer!

“We’re both into punk so we definitely wanted that to shine through, on our wedding day”, began the bride. “As we were choosing and booking things the theme just ended up happening naturally. We always saw our day not so much as a standard wedding but more a party we were throwing to celebrate our love for each other. I’ve always loved the pin up style, its so glamorous but still a bit cheeky and edgy so I thought it was perfect for the day. My hair and make up stylists were amazing and nailed my look better than I could’ve hoped!”

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“Our décor was light and airy but still very colourful!” she continued. “I was a bit worried how the two styles would mix but on the day it all just worked so well, it felt like we had planned our own personalised party! Most of the items were handmade by us to save money. We ended up making our own place cards and seating plan, and it allowed us to be a lot more creative with them. My friend made rose and marshmallow macaroons for everyone for the favours also.”

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The couple were married right on the beach, at Burwood Colliery Rotunda. Their reception was held at Dixon Park Surf Lifesaving Club in New South Wales.”The ukulele duo were one of my favourite things about our wedding! I love reggae so I got them to play a mix of old romantic reggae tunes for the ceremony and I walked down the aisle to a slow version of ‘One Love’ by Bob Marley. It was last minute luck to stumble across the duo, wasn’t having much luck finding what I wanted so I was absolutely stoked to get them!”

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“We also loved riding in the Stretch ’57 Chevy for sure! It was v8 and had an awesome sound system we got to crank our own music through. Sitting in that with a few beers and cruising all around the beaches of Newcastle was just the best! The flowers and cake were amazing too, I told the florist what I wanted but mainly left her to do her thing and she way outdone my expectations! Also the cake was covered in 100’s & 1000’s and she handmade fondant figurines of us for the top. I have to highly recommend every service we used as everyone done an out of this world job!”

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“My advice for couples planning their weddings would be that it can all get quite stressful so try and do as much in advance as you can! You want everything done so that the weeks leading up to the wedding you can just relax and take it all in. Remember it’s your day so just do what will make you happy, it’s your party!”

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  1. Claire

    That cake is AMAZING and the figures are so sweet! The whole day looks awesome, congratulations guys!!


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