Rock n Roll Los Angeles Wedding and a Groom with Pink Hair: Cyn & Stan

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It’s no big secret that I’m obsessed with pink hair (duh!) but it’s unusual that the object of my affection is the groom and not the bride. It goes without saying that this bride looks incredible, but God damn, her groom looks awesome too! Cyn and Stan were married in Los Angeles. Their ceremony was at Club Nokia, on the stage (the first ever wedding there) and the reception was held at the incredible Sunset Marquis hotel.

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“Our wedding was inspired by Hedwig and the Angry Inch by way of the Princess Bride!” explained Cyn. “We were the first couple ever to get married on the stage of Club Nokia. We kept looking at various wedding venues and nothing clicked or felt like ‘us’. We are both very much into music and then Stan got this crazy idea about getting married on the stage of a cool music venue. Throughout our life together we’ve enjoyed many Rock n Roll shows around the world so it seemed fitting that our wedding should be a  Rock n Roll themed wedding. It sounded interesting but we didn’t know if it would be doable. Through Stan’s music connections we were able to make it happen.Things fell into place as one favor lead to another and Club Nokia consented to letting us get married on their stage. We had to plan the wedding quickly to fit into their schedule so we ended up organising everything in less than 2 months!”

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“We wanted the Princess Bride ceremony”, she continued. “A friend who is an actor and also an ordained minister performed our ceremony wearing a bishop’s costume while also reciting words with the Peter Cook accent ‘Mahwwage’. Since it was absolutely a non-traditional wedding we also selected our favorite meaningful songs for the ceremony. Stan made his back stage entrance bouncing and dancing all over the stage to ‘Shooting my mouth off’ by James, and I walked around the seating area and down the aisle up to the stage to ‘She’s a Star’, also by by James. We popped open a bottle of Veuve Cliquot on the stage, enjoyed a celebratory first swig from the bottle and had our first dance to ‘Absolute Beginners’ by David Bowie and exited to ‘Safe and Sound’ by Capital Cities to enjoy more drinks in the cooly lit Club Nokia VIP area.”

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“Because we were getting married at Club Nokia and the reception was at the Sunset Marquis across town we made arrangements for guests to arrive at the hotel with a tour bus waiting to take them to the ceremony (we successfully kept the ceremony venue a secret from our guests). As a souvenir, and to set the Rock n Roll mood, all the guests were given rock star VIP all access tour laminates that we’d designed. The party bus was a raucous success, becoming one huge rolling champagne toast as we went from one photo location to another and finally to the Sunset Marquis for the reception dinner.”

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“We did splash the cash on the reception venue but it was perfect for us because it is so full of Rock n Roll history. It defines the Rock n Roll lifestyle in LA and is a home away from home for rock stars new and old. What could be a better place to have a reception where the legends have lounged and lived and loved? It’s also a hidden oasis among the bustle of Sunset filled with amazing Rock n Roll photography.”

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  1. Lindsay

    to me, this is a “true” rock and roll wedding: Club Nokia, VIP access, Sunset Marquis, Louboutins, party bus… if we could all only be so lucky! \m/ rock on, music lovers

  2. Kim

    These are the most AMAZING pics I have ever seen! So cool, the group shot and pole dancing groom are ace!

  3. Heather

    I love this wedding more than any other. No tradition, just the couple, enjoying their day and one another. And it truly was ‘their’ day. All about what they love and what they’re passionate about. Pretty awesome.


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