Gay Goth Biker Wedding: Luke & Wout

Lara Luz

May 20, 2013


Well that’s something you don’t read often is it?! And what a travesty because Luke & Wout’s wedding is one of the coolest I’ve seen in a long time. Talk about doing things their own way, stuffing tradition and bucking all the wedding expectations. These seriously awesome dudes were adamant that their wedding would reflect them… and it does – in spades!

The wedding took place at their own home in Melbourne, Australia. “We first met through the internet when Luke was still living in Australia and Wout in Holland”, they began. “We then met in person by chance at the Christmas Market in Brussels in 2003.”


“Given our attractions to bears, bikes (and bikers), gothic and dark electronic music and celtic/viking mythology, we brought a lot of those elements to the day. We didn’t really have a theme, it was just an evolution of ideas based on things we like. To us it was all very normal, but it’s a matter of perspective. Most of our friends, particularly the straight ones, found it unlike any wedding they had been to before. But all of them loved it so it cannot have been too out-there!”


“Perhaps one of the most unexpected highlights was the wishing tree”, they continued. “We didn’t know at first exactly what that was going to be. In the end, we went for an outrageously simple option that worked brilliantly. We brought a stack of plain, brown paper gift bags, some plastic disposable drink cups, some pens and some tea lights. We got people to write a message or wish on a bag and then put the tea light in a cup inside the bag and hung the bags from a tree in the garden. We also had a couple of laser lights happening at night and the combined effect was like fireflies dancing in the trees, with the softly glowing wishes underneath…”


“The thing that blew us away the most was the amount of love and goodwill we felt from everyone there”, the concluded. “Of course, we had an amazing wedding planner, celebrant and photographer, which meant we could relax and enjoy the day too. We splashed out on our photographer, because we had such an amazing connection from the first time we spoke. It just felt like we had to work with her. Also on the food, because nothing will spoil the vibe faster than crap food. We obviously saved money on the venue by doing it in our own back garden. We have an fabulous garden space, and early autumn in Melbourne is a perfect time to enjoy that. It was so nice to be able to have an amazing day and then chill out in our own garden in the evening.”