True Rock Star Central Park Wedding: George & Adam Bomb

Ash Fox Photography

August 21, 2013

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If you’ve been hoping that one day I might blog a real rock star’s wedding, then today your wait is finally over. In fact I’m not sure weddings can get more Rock n Roll than this! George and Adam’s ceremony was small and intimate, held in Central Park on Cherry Hill and the reception was at The Cutting Room which is owned by Ronnie Wood of The Rolling Stones.

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Those hardcore rockers amongst you might recognise the groom. He is none other than guitarist and singer Adam Bomb. Marrying a rock star clearly has it’s perks as George and her bridesmaids all wore Betsey Johnson dresses personally loaned by Betsey herself! “Adam’s drummer Bobby introduced me to Betsey Johnson”, she explained. “Bobby told Betsey about the wedding and Betsey generously let me pick a one of a kind dress from her collection. My shoes were also very special one of a kind personally custom made for me by a very close and talented friend of mine Ambrosia Sullivan.”

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“We met Christmas Eve, 2011”, George continued. “Adam had a party at his Times Square apartment and a good friend of mine who is also a huge fan of Adam’s band asked me to join him. He had been invited by Adam after booking his band for a show in NYC and he knew I would love Adam’s music. Later that night Adam sang me a song he wrote in the 80s called ‘You’ll Never Know’.”

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“The wedding theme was obviously very Rock n Roll. t was unconventional and it was important to us to be outside under the sky, surrounded by nature. Cherry Hill is an area that I often visit so it was the perfect place for our ceremony. The thing that made our wedding most unique was the moment I arrived. Adam had climbed on a rock and was playing the wedding march on his electric guitar, accompanied by Adam’s 12 year old daughter Blaise, my Flower Girl. I climbed up beside him and we recited our vows.”

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“One of the most significant moments of the wedding was when Adam sang a song he wrote for me called ‘My Girl George‘. The wedding overall was very inexpensive though and the food was the only thing we splashed out on. Being a filmmaker I have many talented creative friends that offered to photograph and film the day and we didn’t require a decorator or any flower arrangements as the park was already a beautiful backdrop.”

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“There’s nothing I would change about our wedding”, she concluded. “The day was so perfect and really not all that planned. It naturally fell into place and was a magical day and night.”

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