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A Balinese Jungle Elopement


Vladimir Borodenok

January 29, 2024

After deciding to get married in 2018, Sara and Mark began to plan their wedding in the UK complete with a large guest list, a woodland setting and tipis, festoon lights and a whimsical, autumnal theme. Sadly, their venue went into liquidation so they had to cancel everything and start again. They were going to go to Vegas, but then THAT got cancelled due to COVID so they had to start planning all over again! This time, and after all the stress and two cancellations, they opted to do something entirely different.

A Wintery Elopement in Iceland


Elope in Iceland

December 20, 2023

Lacie had never been to Iceland but had a vision about getting married on the black sand beach there before she and John were even engaged. She had a tattoo with the coordinates of the beach tattooed on her back just before her wedding! They were married on a stormy and snowy January day. She wore two dresses - one white and one black - and they travelled around from the black sand beach to the snowy mountains and a dramatic waterfall.

A Little Romance, A Little Rock n’ Roll


Payton Marie

November 28, 2023

Love, romance and second chances were the themes for Chandler and Nick's October elopement. Having both had a traditional wedding in the past, they decided to break free from convention this time around and create an intimate and enjoyable experience for them alone. They found a cabin to stay in and had a handfasting ceremony with ribbon from Chandler's aunt’s wedding dress. To top off the day, they did photos by the ocean and a hot tub party for two!