Nineties Grunge Elopement: Ashley & Chris

Val and Sarah

September 15, 2013


I was a grunge kid. Nirvana and Sonic Youth were my jam and ripped baggy jeans and chains around my neck were my attire of choice. So when I was sent this grunge inspired elopement by Tawnee of the wedding and events company Urban Shindigs and Sarah of photography duo Val and Sarah I couldn’t wait to relive my teenage years by sharing it with you all.


“We really wanted to incorporate things in a true 90s grunge fashion,” Sarah explained. “Not just black and studs. We wanted to bring the bright color from Nirvana t-shirts, torn off jackets and just the feeling of being laid back and in the moment and be reminded of a time when MTV actually played music videos.”


“The shoot was formed from Tawnee’s vision, we just brought it to life. It was kick ass and everything we hoped it would be. We kept it simple. There’s some more details not on here, but being an elopement we really want to just focus on the couple and a few details.”