Glamorous Rocker Wedding: Ben & Samantha


Ben and Samantha met at a gig. Ben’s English accent caught Sam’s attention and they started chatting. Ben is in a band himself, Asking Alexandria, and so music was a big part of their wedding theme. They nicknamed the wedding ‘Asking Samantha’ and there were musical and British references throughout. Ben wore a jacket with the Union Jack on the back, and the groom’s cake was Big Ben!


“Our inspiration came from me wanting it to show our personalities”, wrote Samantha. “He’s in a rock band and I’m a yoga teacher. I thought it would be cool if we had a rocker theme but kept it elegant as well. I was right. It was absolutely perfect! It was an evening wedding so the ceremony was at sunset and the reception was all dark but with red lights and candles everywhere. The dark red flowers next to white and black candles was what made it dark and mysterious, hence, rocker theme.”


“We had an amazing candy bar that had red and purple lighting around it”, she continued. “There were black shear curtains over the doorways and the cake was all black and white except for the dark red flowers on the top. I loved the photo booth, the candy bar, the awesome music, the beautiful decorations and the fact that we could share our wedding everyone I love.”


The wedding was held at Deerpark at The Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina. “Most of our money went towards the flowers and the venue. I feel if you have amazing flowers, your wedding will look beautiful no matter where you have it! I also wanted an amazing venue because this is suppose to be the party of my life! I wanted to do it right! The reception music was played by my husband’s old guitar teacher. He did such an amazing job that I wish I could have him play for me everyday!”




  1. Gosh Asking Alexandria?? It’s so amazing! I wish my boyfriend who is a rocker musician too would ask it to me the same way and I wish I could have a wedding as cool as this! 😀

  2. I love this! This is brilliant. The outfits are so original. I used to have an obsession with all things rock (in my youth)! They well and truly captured this theme and kept it beautiful at the same time!

  3. These photos are A.MA.ZING!!!! I love the outfits, the details, the tats. Everything is documented beautifully. Love it!

  4. WOW! This is one of the most AMAZING weddings I have seen this year! I can feel the day through the images! Justine Milton you just Rocked this !!

  5. Lindsay

    love this band and so happy to see them represented on Rock n’ Roll Bride! The wedding party members are HOT and I love the bridesmaids’ little black dresses. Also, can I say how much I LOVE the black Cadillac they drove away in? Swoon…


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