Red, Black & White 1950s Rock n Roll Wedding: Lidia & Joaquín

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I don’t think there’s a style of wedding that epitomises a Rock n Roll wedding more than a black, white and red colour scheme and a 1950s theme! Lidia and Joaquín’s nuptials were held in La Quinta de Illescas, Toledo, Spain.

“As we love tattoos and Rock n Roll we wanted to make them our theme”, explained Lidia. “Also we love the retro style and the 1950s. In fact all our stationery had old school tattoo elements on them – roses, a heart lock, a key and swallows.”

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“One of the things that defined our wedding was that we had the freedom to organize the day as we wanted. First we decided to get ready together in a beautiful hotel suite. Normally we dress together and we feel very comfortable that way. We didn’t want to lose these intimate and closer instants in our day.”

“We also just did that we wanted!” She continued. “I had red lips, red shoes and red nails, and I wore a short dress. I was convinced that I wanted this look and I didn’t care what people thought”

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“A lot of things we did by ourselves. For example, the table seat plan. We bought a board and a lot of white and red fabric. We covered the board with the fabric and we made a garland with the words ‘Find the key of your seat’. We bought a lot of little keys and put them with a card in the board. On each card we wrote the name of the guest and the seat. The keys are very special for us because the invitations had a heart lock and key with these words: ‘If love is strong, stay indelible as a tattoo’.”

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“Our biggest expense was our venue”, the bride concluded. “We thought that it was a special place and they served great food! I also spent a lot of money in my bouquet. It was made only for me from red fabric. However we saved on lots of other things like our rings. We wanted special piece and I found a collection of jewellery based on Rock n Roll from Aristocrazy. They were cheap because they were gold plated but we don’t mind that!”

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  1. LOVE the red shoes. LOVE the red car. I too chose both in red and can’t help but smile when I look at the photos. Sure these images will bring Lidia great pleasure for many years to come 🙂 It’s such a feel good colour! Stunning Wedding.

  2. Tia-Lewise

    I am in love with those shoes! Everything ties together so well 🙂 you look fabulous in the dress, no complaints from me 🙂

  3. Natalie

    Such a beautifull wedding! One of my favourites on the blog, love the little touches of red


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