Old Skool Punk Rock Wedding: Kat & Gary

Betti Confetti Photography

May 9, 2014


Kat and Gary’s Northampton wedding was pure punk rock! From the bride in a denim jacket with a custom patchwork back and Dr Marten boots, the skinhead groom in a 3-piece tartan suit, and their kids rocking mohawks, it really doesn’t get more authentic than this! Oh and Kat found her dress on eBay – in her exact size – for £100!


“To us our wedding was completely normal!”, began the bride “But we can see why to others it wasn’t! A groom in a three piece red tartan suit and Dr Martens and a bride in a wedding dress that is short at the front with Dr Martens and a denim jacket isn’t your usual I guess! Our reception venue wasn’t your run of the mill romantic kind of venue either, its an old bus station now used by a charity called Make A Difference (MAD) and has a very industrial feel to the outside, and a thrift shop with comic strip ‘wallpaper’ inside. We also had to have a DIY tattoo stall for our guests which just added to making it more us!! Oh and I doubt many brides travel by train drinking cans of bloody mary’s on the way to their wedding!!”


“We didn’t want just one theme for our wedding, that just seems so dull and doesn’t reflect all the things we are into at all”, she explained. “So instead we decided to theme each individual table! We definitely had to have a punk themed table, we knew that much to start with. A Day of the Dead table also seemed such a fitting idea with the idea your spirit is always loved, our saying between us is ’til death and through hell’ with the idea being that we will always be together even once we end up in hell! A burlesque themed table and a curiosity table soon were on our list alongside simple candelabras and roses for our families tables. We had one table left to theme and it was natural to ask our 3 year old son what he wanted, which was a dinosaur table!”


“Every part of the day just felt completely right! Although something that will always make us laugh is our eldest son giving his own ‘speech’ on the microphone, singing twinkle twinkle little star followed by boats and hos! He got more laughs than the best man! We will also always remember having out first dance then a voice shouting “STOP” over and over again, once again it was our son Mason! One of our favourite things was our wedding portraits”, she continued. “We had skaters and guys on bmx bikes in the background rather than a scenic lake or gardens!”


Everything in this wedding was DIY or off-the cuff. “Everything from how the kids looked, the randomness of going on a train in a wedding dress, the non-seriousness of the ceremony (neither of us do serious very well!) was spontaneous. It mostly just how naturally it all happened and how fun it was!!”


“Probably one of the most expensive things was Gary’s suit!” she laughed. “He had a vision of exactly how he wanted his suit to be, it was probably the only thing that we wanted to be 100% as he envisioned! However we saved money on lots of things such as our invites/save the dates which we did ourselves.”

“Wouldn’t change a thing about our wedding”, she concluded, “otherwise it wouldn’t have been the day it was and the day we remember it as!”