Colourful Québec Wedding Fiesta

Isabelle and Olivier were married in Québec, Canada. Although barn weddings are now seen as pretty mainstream, and this couple are anything but, the bride had dreamt of being married in a big beautiful barn ever since she was a child… so that’s exactly what they did! They still wanted to put their own spin on the day though (of course!) so they went down the hyper colourful, Mexican vibe for their theme.

“Our wedding was a rustic and eclectic wedding fiesta”, Isabelle said. “The idea of making the day so colourful is something different than all the white and pastel colours people usually choose for barn weddings.”

“I love Mexico and its culture”, she continued. “Frida Kahlo and her artwork, the spicy food and the Dia de los Muertos celebrations. I thought the idea of combining beautifully colourful papel picado with skulls was the perfect mix and that it represented us both well. Plus, Olivier asked me to marry him at our favourite old school deli with love songs sang by mariachis. We booked them for the wedding and they adapted and sang our favourite French love song in Spanish.”

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Rockabilly & Fifties Inspired Italian Wedding

Italian couple Silvia and Elia met at a summer party, and have always had the courage to be their utmost selves in everyday life, so their wedding was to be no different! “In Italy, marriage is considered a very serious rite,” explained Silvia, “so to do things our own way is to be considered quite courageous!”

The couple of have a love for all things from the fifties as well as rockabilly, so this was the main inspiration for the wedding. They had tattoo and retro diner inspired stationery, pops of red throughout and a bright red vintage Vespa and Cadillac Bel Air as their transport. “We were inspired by the idea that having a bright and happy wedding would make for a bright and happy marriage!” said Silvia. Even their guests got into the fifties theme and each wore a touch of red in their outfits!

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Bad Ass Venetian Las Vegas Elopement with a Black Sequinned Dress

Crank those windows down and turn that fan up because we’ve got the hottest wedding in the world for you on the blog today courtesy of Kiersten and Mike. Their bad ass elopement in Las Vegas (at the Venetian, no less) was relaxed and beautiful, but with serious edge – I mean, check out that black sequinned wedding dress!

“The inspiration for our wedding was to escape, but in a bad ass kind of way,” Kiersten explains. Having met first as friends, and become more than friends thanks to margaritas, “We ran away to Vegas and got married on a sidewalk, before our first dance as husband and wife and a celebratory smoke once it was official!”

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How to Plan an Elopement

If the idea of sacking off the guest list and avoiding the extra stress, drama and expense of a big wedding sounds appealing then you’ve probably already considered eloping. Even if you’re planning a low key or small wedding and you just want to do things entirely on your own terms, this article is for you.

1. Do it for the right reasons

It’s all very well and good wanting to elope because you think it’s the ‘easier’ option but I’d caution you doing this just because you’re feeling stressed out about wedding planning. It could lead to you regretting it in the long run. Saving money, keeping things intimate or avoiding drama are all valid reasons to elope but be sure you’ve thought a lot about your decision and that it’s what you both really want, rather than it being a knee-jerk reaction to how you’re feeling at this very moment.

2. Stop feeling guilty!

A lot of couples feel twangs of guilt about not involving their friends and family in their wedding, but so long as you’re following my first point there’s no need to! You don’t have to justify your decision to anyone else but yourselves, and remember, you can always have a party without the extra pressure when you get home.

3. Have a plan for telling people 

You may decide to throw a big party to let everyone now you’ve eloped or even just casually tell your loved ones (in person!) and call it a day. But whatever you decide to do, its a good idea to have a plan, especially when it comes to parents. It would be the worst if they just found out via Facebook! Eloping and parents can be a particularly tricky thing to navigate but by having a proper idea of how you’ll break the news, you can still make it a special moment for them too.

4. Remember the legalities

Just because you’re running away and doing things on your own terms, doesn’t mean you can avoid the legal stuff. If anything it’s MORE important to make sure you understand how it all works as you won’t have a wedding co-coordinator or venue with wedding experience to talk you though it.

If you’re eloping abroad make sure you speak to your local council to find out if there’s anything you need to do when you get home to make sure your marriage is legally recognised.

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DIY Tassels, Dry Ice & Snakes! A Burgundy & Peach Themed Summer Wedding

Having been together for ten years before they married it was vitally important to Becky and Colin that their day reflected their history and love for their family.

“We chose a colour palette of burgundy and peach,” explained the bride. “We both love texture and colour so wanted our decor to be as tactile as possible. We made all the tassels and bought a lot of cheap odd items to dot around the place. I loved our ‘help yourselves’ drinks bar we had an amazing sign writer, Kate Alice Lettering, do all our drinks signage which pulled everything together.”

“We put all the alcohol in tin baths with botanical ice cubes and surrounded them with flowers as our centrepieces. All the food was served platter style, very family-oriented and relaxed. Everyone was sharing food and with no table plan everyone just sat where they wanted. This was one of our favourite things about the day, that it was relaxed and inclusive of everyone. We also had an animal and reptile encounter which was really fun.”

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Magical ‘Harry Potter in the Mountains’ Themed Romanian Wedding

Diana and Vlad’s wedding was an actual dreamland, and I don’t think you’re prepared for what your eyes are about to feast upon. They had three parts to their wedding and each was as incredible as the last: first, their gothic Romanian city hall wedding; a week later, their “Harry Potter in the mountains” themed reception; and finally an after-wedding photo session in Ireland, where they now live. It is just delicious from start to finish.

Their church service and civil bit took place a week before the main reception, giving guests a chance to enjoy a weekend in the mountains – it was important to Diana and Vlad to pay for their guests’ accommodation, so that they didn’t have to worry about their journey home which would have been at least two hours, if not more!

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