Till Death Do Us Party: A Colourful Scottish Halloween Wedding

Both Jade and Jamie are big fans of Halloween so knew they wanted to get married at this time of year and base the theme on that. Their initial concern was that they didn’t want anything looking too tacky and more like a Halloween party, so they focused on a mix of neon, tartan, sequins, skulls and brightly coloured pumpkins for a fresh take on theme. 

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Icelandic Cave Destination Wedding with an Ikea Reception!

Molly and Jackson knew soon after they started dating that they didn’t want a ‘regular’ wedding. Attending a bunch of friends’ weddings together in 2014 (before they were engaged!) solidified in their minds what they did and didn’t want. They decided then and there that when it came to their turn to get hitched, they didn’t want to pick out tablecloths or plan a seating chart. Instead, they wanted an adventure!

They both love travelling, and at the time there were some crazy good deals flying to Iceland, so they made a decision that that was it – when it was their turn they were going to have a destination wedding in Iceland, the most beautiful place they’d never been to.

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Colourful, Mexican Themed Wedding with Wrestling, Skulls and Cacti!

Vicky and Phil’s May 2019 wedding was inspired by their love of colour, Lucha Libre wrestling and cacti. With a budget of £13,500, their venue – West Bay at Titanic Hotel, Liverpool – was their biggest expense, but they loved it as soon as they saw it and were so happy with how they ran the day. It also included the catering, which was a big thing to tick off their list! 

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Halloween, Gothic Literature & Fairytale Inspired Wedding with some Unexpected Guests!

Lucy is obsessed with autumn and Halloween so always knew she wanted to get married in October. She also loves to read, and Toby is an English teacher so together they came up with the idea of having a gothic literature themed wedding with touches of Halloween and fairytale aesthetics thrown in for good measure! 

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Introducing The Confidence Club: Overcome Self-Doubt, Love Yourself & Transform Your Life!

Do you ever wonder how different your life would look if you had to confidence to ask for that promotion, start that business, talk to that person at a party? Do you ever wish you loved your body more? Are you terrified of being the centre of attention at your wedding or are you worried about making a fool of yourself all the time? Do you ever feel like you can’t show people the real you because you’re scared of what they’ll think or say? Maybe you don’t even know who the real you is because you’re too afraid of finding out?

The reality is that we are ALL capable of being confident and living the lives that we really, truly want. Confidence is not a personality trait; confidence is a skill. Some of the most outgoing and extroverted people are incredibly insecure. Just because someone is loud or bossy doesn’t mean they believe in themselves or have the courage to follow their dreams. Whereas many introverts are extremely self-assured, are happy in their own company and feel confident in their abilities.

If it doesn’t come naturally to you, uncovering your inner confident babe may feel like an impossible feat, but I promise you that it’s not. I spent years and years hating every single thing about myself. I spent so much time wishing I was someone else. I spent a decade with a debilitating eating disorder that controlled my life and stole my sense of self-worth entirely.

You need a roadmap, you need a guide, you need someone to hold your hand and tell you that you’re doing GREAT. You need to get back in touch with yourself, marvel at your own originality and make the relationship you have with yourself a priority.

The Confidence Club will show you EXACTLY how to do that.

I am a completely different person than I was even a year ago and I am so pumped and ready to share everything I’ve learnt and done to get here because I want you to do the same!

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