Goth Club Dia de Los Muertos Wedding: Lauren & Ralf

Vivian Lin Photography

April 28, 2014

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Lauren and Ralf had a Dia de Los Muertos themed wedding in a goth club. Both the bride and groom even wore face paint! “Our wedding was unique not only because of the theme, location and decorations, but because we went with a mixed wedding party. I did not have a maid-of-honor; I had a man-of-honor. Ralf had a best man and a groomswoman. Also, due to the small size of our wedding party, we all go ready together in the same space at our venue. I’m not superstitious, so it didn’t matter to me if I was seen in my dress before walking down the aisle. But getting ready together made things all the more fun.”

Dia De Los Muertos Wedding

“The visuals of everything defined the wedding. The lighting and the décor that the club already had meant we had very little to do when it came to decoration, and the things we did have were handmade. Also, the music was great. I came down the aisle to ‘Treasure’ by The Cure and for the recessional, we had ‘We Are The Champions’ by Queen.”

Dia De Los Muertos Wedding

To fit in with their theme, they we served Mexican food, provided by the venue. “The food was amazing”, Lauren remembered. “I was a bride that made sure to eat the wedding! Boardners outdid themselves with the delicious Mexican food-faire: carne asada, shimp de ajo, chile relleno, carnitas, vegetarian fajitas, cilantro rice, ceviche, etc. All delicious!!! We had so many guest come up to us just to tell us how amazing they found the food.”

Dia De Los Muertos Wedding

“The only thing I’d change about our wedding would be to have started earlier. It was a winter wedding and our start time was officially supposed to be 5:30, but our officiant was late, so we started at 6. Which was fine in the grand scheme of things, but because it was dark as I was walking toward the stage, I double many people could see us. If we were doing it again I would start at 4-4:30 instead.”

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“We planned the whole wedding in three months”, she concluded, “so there were lots of little things that we wanted to do, but couldn’t due to time constraints in planning. But, you know, it did not make a difference at all. We loved our wedding and had a great time. There will always be additional details you’d like to add in retrospect but no one is going to notice that you didn’t have skull decorated macaroons or churros for dessert. Your friends and family are there for you and they will never know the details that didn’t make it to the final day. It’s okay to let things go.”

Dia De Los Muertos Wedding