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A Marvel, Lego & Red Wine Themed Wedding In Birmingham

Sophie Cooke

Lisa Carpenter

November 18, 2018

Becca and Suzy met at work nearly a decade ago. They became good friends and that was it - until a drunken Christmas work do tipped their friendship into new territory - they haven’t looked back! Their intimate wedding was held at The Bond in Birmingham in November 2017. Loving how different it was from ‘regular’ wedding venues, and also in their old hometown of Birmingham, it felt right for the couple as they knew they didn’t want a typical venue - and that the surrounding graffiti-covered streets would make for awesome photos. 

Phantom of the Opera Meets Interview with a Vampire

Ellie Kime

Art/Photography by Sydney Rasch

November 10, 2018

Misty and David's Memphis wedding was 1930s formal meet 1800s masquerade ball. And as a couple who hit it off discussing Dali's rare Alice In Wonderland paintings, we'd expect nothing less than artistic brilliance. At their first meeting with their wedding planner Misty informed her she wanted their ceremony to look like something out of Interview with a Vampire, and a mixture of 1920s and 1930s Hollywood glam meets old world Parisian brothel! 

Colourful Meets Mid-Century Wedding at the People’s History Museum

Sophie Cooke

Dan Hough

October 31, 2018

Alex and Danielle’s inspiration for their big day came from something very personal for them - Danielle’s tattoo sleeve! “I wanted our wedding to echo the colours and flowers in my tattoo, and for our guests to be put into a happy, upbeat frame of mind as soon as they walked into the room. I think it was a success - we got so much feedback from our guests that it was one of the most laidback and fun weddings they’d ever attended!” said Danielle.