Twin Peaks Meets a Classic Vintage Wedding in Dublin

Wild Things Wed

January 7, 2019

The very best thing about running Rock n Roll Bride is the HUGE variety of wedding themes and styles that we see. People often ask me if I ever get bored at looking at or talking about weddings and my answer is always the same – how the hell could I get bored when I see such creativity and variety every day!? Ciara and Rowen’s wedding falls firmly into the creativity camp. They took a classic vintage theme and added some David Lynch references, turning what could have been quite a traditional wedding on it’s head.

They were married at Unitarian Church in Dublin and afterwards hosted a reception at The Dean Hotel. “We both love David Lynch and especially the TV show Twin Peaks so we knew we wanted to work that into the theme somewhere”, said Ciara. “One of Rowen’s best men is a brilliant graphic designer who helped us incorporate the iconic colours of the Black Lodge from Twin Peaks into our invitations, wedding booklets and table settings. We wanted our colour theme to be really strong, as a nod to David Lynch, too and I think we achieved that with the splashes of red throughout our wedding!”

“We littered our day with little movie references. Movies have always been such a big part of our relationship and we wanted that reflected on our big day. I got to walk up the aisle to the Jurassic Park theme song and we got to exit the the church to the Indiana Jones score. We had movie quotes dotted around the reception and our cocktail menu was named after some of our favourite movie and TV characters.”

The bride wore a vintage dress from the 1970s which she bought from Dirty Fabulous Boutique. Her boots were found on Amazon and she spray-painted them to match her dress. “It was impossible to find boots to match my outfit so I ended up in Homebase matching cans of spray paint against my dress instead! My hairpiece was from Claire’s Accessories and my bracelets were gifts from my parents and Rowen. My parents gave me a bangle with the co-ordinates of Cinderella’s castle in Walt Disney World engraved on it (my favourite place in the world!)”

The biggest expense of their €7000 budget was food and drink but they felt it was well worth the cost. They managed to save cash by buying all the flowers from markets (costing just €300 for everything) and arranging them themselves. “The Dean put on a fantastic three-course dinner with some beautiful wine and Prosecco. Giving our guests a great meal was one of the most important things to me. As all our Rowen’s side had travelled over from England I wanted to say thanks for taking the time to celebrate our day and our relationship.”

“This may sound cliché but the best thing about planning our wedding was the knowledge that we would be married at the end of it”, the bride remembered. “Getting to call Rowen my husband has made any sleepless nights or frantic list making all okay! He was also really supportive throughout the whole thing. We were a team and done everything 50/50. Going through the process of planning the big day with him just compounded my feelings for him. He was so supportive and caring!”