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Boho Meets 1920s Rainy Lake Wedding

Despite what Alanis Morrisette said, rain on your wedding day isn’t always a bad thing and today’s wedding feature is a lesson that your day will still be perfect even if things go differently than planned! Rebekah and Jesse were inspired by their love of nature for their September wedding, choosing Blue Heron Lake in Dorset, Ohio to host the day.

The couple didn’t stick to a budget, but reckon they spent around $8,000. Agape Photography beautifully captured the day, and they planned it themselves. Rebekah wore a BHLDN gown and accessorised with a hair drape from Azure Jewellery. Jesse chose some amazing decadent floral boots to accessorise his suit.  The couple chose custom wedding rings made by The Northway Studio.

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5 Ways to Ensure You Get the Creative Wedding Cake of Your Dreams

The funny thing with weddings is that there is so much said about what you ‘should have’ (many of them untrue!) and definitely not enough information on how to have exactly what you want. This often leads to not getting the full experience when choosing your suppliers, theme, venue or cake. Baker Autumn Rabbitts of Plumb and Rabbitts Cake Studio is here today with her top tips for getting the creative wedding cake of your dreams.

As a cake designer, here are the five things I think you need to pay attention to ensure that you get exactly what you want and the help if you don’t really know what that is!

Give your cake maker the right information

The main things every cake maker wants to know straight off the bat are:What your chosen date is

♥ Where the venue is
♥ How many people you are feeding
♥ And last but not least, do you have any ideas about what colours, style or flavour of cake you might like?

You will notice I haven’t added the dreaded ‘what is your budget?’ question because this can change once you realise how much choice you have and how important the cake is to you. Often, cake makers already know how much it is going to cost roughly based on the answers above so do ask for a rough quote for a basic cake if you want to get an idea before you commit.

Also, I really recommend sending some images of other cakes that you like. Don’t worry if they’re not exactly what you want; a rough idea of the style you’re after will help us create a more accurate quote for you.

At this point you may also want to ask if they can cater for allergies/dietary requirements if needed and if they charge extra for delivery and set up.

Ask for the cake flavours you really want and find out if you can taste some

I think the cake tasting is the best bit of wedding planning! Your caker maker may do in-person consultations or post cake sample to you directly. I often get asked if fruit cake is the only option and hell no! In fact, I’ve only made four fruit cakes in the seven years I’ve been doing this! Everyone orders sponge flavours these days and I haven’t had many clients ask about the tradition of freezing the top layer for a future anniversary either.

As you’re reading Rock n Roll Bride magazine, you probably already know that you want to make your wedding a reflection of the two of you, so you don’t need to do any traditions that you don’t want to.

Photo by Rebecca Carpenter Photography

Hire a baker who reflects your personal style

Think very carefully about who you are hiring. If their Instagram feed is all pastels/white and you want a galaxy themed cake with Sesame Street characters on it, they are probably not for you! Bakers quite often choose which work they take on, assessing the design asked for and figuring out if it’s something they can do. Asking for something to be designed for you using your Pinterest boards or ideas for your wedding styling is always a brilliant idea, but make sure you are choosing someone who can deliver!

Allowing your cake maker to play and create something in their own style will guarantee you get something incredible; I have been known to add complimentary extra top tiers and details just because in am so in love with the design! Just like any other designer, we know our strengths and stick to them, hence why it’s so important to have a good look at someone’s website and social media to make sure they would be on board with your wildest cake dreams.

Don’t hold back with your ideas to personalise

There are no limits to what you can have and usually the more personal, the more fun it will be for the baker. If you love your cat or dog why not have them on the cake in sugar form, as a topper or a painted portrait! I once did a deep red marble cake with doggy paws delicately tailing up one side. No flowers, just the paw prints and a topper of them with their dog. SO CUTE!

However, you also don’t have to have tons of detail if you don’t want to. Go with your gut about what feels like ‘you’.

Only have a big cake if it is important to you

The ultimate rule for being a rock ‘n roll bride (or groom!) is that there are no rules, and that it’s your day you so you should do it your way! Do not worry about other people’s tastes or options. If you like it, have it! But similarly, if you’re not really fussed about a traditional tiered cake, there are so many other options.

As a cake maker, I feel that if you want an epic showstopper cake, then that is worth paying for. Asking a friend or family member to bake and stack a tiered cake is a big responsibility if it’s a really important element of the day to you, so only do this if you know they are up to the challenge! It takes years of practice to get wedding cakes right and I don’t advise throwing it out there for a family member to do unless you know for SURE they can deliver on the day. Nothing worse than having a cake collapse as you try and cut it or worse the sponge is too soft and crumbles into a billion pieces when the kitchen at your venue try and cut it into finger portions! Cake making is a science. You definitely get what you pay for.

If you have smaller budget, or you really aren’t fussed about a traditional looking cake, then they are plenty of other options – cupcakes, doughnuts, cake pops, a profiterole tower, wheels of cheese!? The world is your delicious oyster.

Photo by Bright Wing Photography

Whatever cake or cake designer you choose, I hope my words have helped you allow them to create something magical and personal for you. There is nothing like looking back on the day and feeling like every aspect, even the cake, reflects the two of you perfectly.


Autumn Rabbitts is a black business woman, a graduate of Central Saint Martins and The Royal College of Art, and has been running her own wedding cake company – Plumb and Rabbitts – for the past seven years in the North East of England. She enjoys feeding people (and herself), spending time with husband and her five daughters, and has a deep love of illustration, calligraphy and fashion.

This article originally appeared in issue 36 of Rock n Roll Bride magazine. You can purchase the latest copy here, or why not subscribe to never miss an issue?

Autumnal & Rustic, Cruelty Free London Wedding

Sam and Jay always planned to be married on Halloween – because every Halloween since they first met nine years ago on a dating site, they have played host to a fancy-dress party and people now expect it of them. Jay’s grandparents also got married on Halloween, so they wanted to follow the tradition. 

Unfortunately COVID scuppered their plans for a big fancy dress ball where the theme would have been ‘anything goes’ (including both grooms in custom-designed wedding dresses!) but they were still able channel the Halloween vibes with autumnal tones, pumpkin centrepieces and hessian and lavender mixed in too – they even had burnt orange facemasks for the bridal party, so no detail was left unconsidered.

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An Autumnal, Geometric Themed Italian Wedding with Two Ceremonies

Alice and Simone found a creative way around COVID restrictions for their October 2020 wedding day – they split the day into two! Guest numbers were limited to 30 just days before their wedding day, so after much deliberation they decided in the daytime they would have their civil ceremony with their families, and in the evening a symbolic ceremony with their friends!

“Not everybody gets to enjoy such an experience as two ceremonies,” Simone told us. “Both were beautiful and unforgettable without any effort, and that’s all because of the affection of our families and friends. Alice was often in a giant puddle of tears!”

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Laid Back & Sparkly Wedding with Rustic Fairy Vibes

Amy and Ben were inspired by the town of Rosendal in South Africa for their March wedding. “As we were getting married away from home, we wanted our friends and family to experience this destination the way did – which was romantic, rustic and laidback.”

The couple enjoyed thinking of ways to make the wedding a magnificent experience for everyone, and for ways to incorporate Ben’s Afrikaans heritage into their day. The hosted for the whole weekend, made all the decor themselves, incorporating local foliage into centrepieces and table decor and got married in the groom’s family backyard under a willow tree under an arch his family lovingly made as a surprise for them. 

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Smiley & Simple London Wedding with a Sequin Jumpsuit

Sian and Amir met on dating app Hinge – their first date was on a dreary Tuesday evening in January at Mother Kelly’s in Bethnal Green. Sian told us; “We ended up drinking 5 pints of strong IPA and that was it, we were smitten! Amir proposed on New Years eve 2020 – He had bought the ring 6 months before when we had only been together 6 months. It was really a case of when you know you know.

They wanted their wedding to be in London as that is where they live, and they liked the aesthetic and feel of other urban/city themed weddings. “I like the idea of weddings happening around chaos of people going about their daily lives.”

COVID put stop to their big-pub knees up plans, but in the end, it made the couple reassess what was truly important – who was there and getting married. “We just wanted to get married at this point, and ended up being one of the last couples to do so before the second lockdown in England. Initially, I was stressing about place names and menus etc, and se spent ages thinking about our invitations but ultimately, 90% of the people we invited couldn’t actually come. So it really simplified things for us.”

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