Relaxed, Boho Wedding with A Floral Dress

The Bowmans Photo

July 14, 2021

Ava and Nic were actually introduced by Ava’s dad. “Nic had met my dad at a local Trap Shooting Club,” Ava told us. “But the first time we saw each other Nic was hanging out the side of his best friend’s ride (haha) They beeped at me at me sitting at an intersection and waved to me. Apparently I sped away and he knew I stole his heart right then.’

Planning a 2020 wedding mean there was the obvious spanner in the works – COVID – but the couple scaled things back to an intimate affair in their own backyard. “Like for many couples, planning a 2020 wedding sucked but it did bring us closer together and made us realise what is really important; our love for one another. And now we get the best of both worlds! A small, intimate, family wedding ceremony and a large party and celebration later on!”

Ava wore the dress she had initially intended for her rehearsal dinner – a red, floral number by BHLDN. “As a graphic designer, I have always enjoyed colour, so this actually worked out perfectly. It was a warm summer’s day and it photographed beautifully with the flowers by Cosette’s Creations.” Nick wore a bolo tie in homage to Ava’s grandfather and his trusty Levi’s.

The bride put her graphic design skills to work on their invitations and wedding website too, and turned her hand to making paper cranes to decorate their reception marquee which actually turned into a form of therapy when dealing with the stress that last year brought. “I would sit every night with my old bridal magazines ripping out the pages and folding them into cranes. I even gave some away with drop off cares packages we made during the pandemic. They were my sign/symbol of hope!”

All the stresses were relieved once the couple were saying their vows to one another – even if it meant that Ava couldn’t stop crying! “My uncle John perform our mini ceremony. There was not a dry eye in the venue. I think the stress of planning a wedding and postponing everything just was overwhelming. But in the end it’s the love that matters. No big party or big white dress, or the fabulous food or decorations. It’s honestly all about that person you are trapped in quarantine with and how much you love each other.”

“My advice for future rock n roll brides and groom’s would be to do what you want! Don’t wear white if you don’t want to. Run into the woods and elope if that’s what you want. Also, the intimate settings meant we weren’t distracted by a crowd of people. Read your vows to each other in private the morning of if you have to – because that’s what they are all about! That crowd of people won’t be there throughout your marriage.”