Cute & Happy Intimate Wedding with *the* Strawberry Dress

Taylor Anne Neel

July 1, 2021

While the rest of the world was going stir-crazy being locked up with their significant other, Nadine and Michael spent March 2020 falling in love over Facebook Dating, talking together day and night. They finally decided to meet IRL and quarantine together, and the rest, as they say – is history!

The couple didn’t have a set budget in mind, but Nadine had her heart set on a Lirika Matoshi Strawberry print dress, and the rest was bought on sale. Nadine explained; “our outfits were important to us, as due to COVID we had never had the opportunity to dress up for one another and go out. This was our one excuse to dress up!” Nadine kept her hair natural, did her own makeup, and the couple selected reasonably priced rings.

They tied the knot in November of last year, in an intimate wedding at Dallas Court House. “We got married on November 11th cause ’11:11’ is good luck for us,” the bride told us. “Turns out we got married right at 1:11pm! We thought that was so sweet!”

Due to COVID restrictions, they only had five guests present, so look forward to planning a larger event for more guests in the future. “Although if the world hadn’t been as it were I know we would have done things differently, all that mattered to us was that our day was full of love and most importantly, safe.”

“It was so much fun planning our day. I know a lot of courthouse weddings have a stigma of being cheap and not romantic but it was so wonderful and perfect. I felt so connected to my husband in that moment.”