Thursday Treats: OMG Australia, Here I Come!

road trip

I have no idea what’s in store for me over the next three and a half weeks. Having such a packed schedule recently means that I’ve had little to no time to research much of what Gala, Shauna and I will be getting up to while we’re down under. Thank goodness for Virgo friends who obsessively arrange everything on your behalf! All I do know is the week before our first class in Brisbane I’ve been promised a spa day, surfing lessons, koala cuddling and zip-wiring through a rainforest. WHAT!? Oh you bet ya I’ll be reporting back on all this stuff when I return.

I fly out of Heathrow tomorrow afternoon and after a 7 hour flight to Dubai and a 14 and a half (GROAN!) hour jaunt to Brisbane I touch down on Sunday night, just past midnight. The time zone difference is kinda messing with my mind a little but thank goodness I just treated myself to a swanky new Samsung laptop which will keep me plenty entertained on my epic journey (I’m obsessed with it!)

I’ve worked my little bloggy butt off in preparation for this trip. It’s the longest one we’ve done for The Blogcademy so far and I know I’m going to miss Gareth, Henry and Rachel like crazy but at least the blog will be ticking over nicely! The post schedule won’t be changing while I’m gone, with two posts still going up every weekday and even a couple on the weekends, so don’t go anywhere ya here?!

As usual you’ll be able to follow my obnoxious travel updates via Twitter and Instagram too. OMG I am just so excited. See you soon Australia!

Weddings & Weddingy Things

A wedding with a Tardis photo booth!
Canadian mountain wedding
When Trekkies wed
Gorgeous Pioneertown wedding
♥ Oregon camp wedding


Photography: Blue Window Creative

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Vintage and Fun Country Club Wedding: Kat & Andrew

James Melia Photography_7704

Kat and Andrew had a colourful wedding and took inspiration from the bride’s tattoos and of times gone by. “We planned our wedding by the rule ‘do what you’d do if you didn’t know what was done’, as we didn’t want to go along with traditions that we didn’t understand or necessarily agree with”, Kat wrote. “We both saw our wedding day as an opportunity to throw a massive party for all of our family and friends, which made planning so much more fun! It’s far easier to be creative when you’re not preoccupied with what you think you ought to be doing, or with what you think people expect of you.”

James Melia Photography_7608

“At our reception we created an informal, summer party atmosphere by hiring lots of vintage games from Matt and Annabel (our gramophone DJs). We both had an amazing time splatting rats, hooking ducks and throwing coconuts with our friends and family! It was great to see how involved everybody was and how competitive some people became over the egg and spoon race.”

James Melia Photography_7685

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Breathtaking Wedding Rings Without the Breathtaking Price Tag

Designer Rings

When Gareth and I came to buying our wedding rings, it sounds awful, but they were a bit of an after-thought. We didn’t have a lot of money and the costs of even the most budget-friendly rings in traditional high street jewellers were just completely out of the question.

Gareth is also very particular and wanted us to have rings that were not only awesome, but would last forever. He wanted titanium, and as he’d found my platinum engagement ring at an amazing price, having my wedding band matching was really important.

A hell of a lot of of research and a staunch determination to not have to re-mortgage our house later, we were able to find beautiful rings from Wedding Rings Direct at amazingly competitive prices. I opted for a 2mm flat profile platinum band and Gareth went for one made from titanium with a white gold inlay.

Rock n Roll Bride Wedding | Lisa Devlin

Our rings – photo by Devlin Photos

We are proof that expensive high street shops are not your only option when looking for an engagement or wedding rings. Although it might not feel as romantic as browsing boutique jewellery stores together to find ‘the one’, sometimes the budget really does win out. Which is why I’m thrilled that online jewellers like Wedding Rings Direct exist.

Alongside the traditional metals like platinum and gold they also offer materials such as wood, titanium, black zirconium and ceramic. The designs they hold also vary widely – from classic bands to much more decorative and elaborate designs.

And if you don’t find anything suitable from their extensive catalogue, they even offer a bespoke design service where you are able to work with an experienced jeweller to design a ring yourself. 

wedding rings direct 2

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Budget-Friendly, DIY & Colourful Village Hall Wedding: Abby & Liam

Abby & Liam Village Hall Colourful Wedding - Miki Photography-183

With just £3000, a mountain of ideas and a hell of a lot of hard work, Abby and Liam planned their DIY village hall wedding for August this year. The day was held at Eccleston Village Hall, with the ceremony in the garden. They saved a lot of money by not going for traditional wedding stuff. Abby’s amazing dress was vintage, bought at Pillbox Vintage Wedding Fair, which she then had reworked by Carla at Mon Ami. Liam’s outfit was from River Island. The flowers were all grown in the bride’s mother’s garden and their transport for the day was their own vintage yellow Beetle!

Abby & Liam Village Hall Colourful Wedding - Miki Photography-229

“We were very, very keen on not having any kind of concrete theme”, Abby began. “Simply because it was too much hassle. I couldn’t be bothered matching a napkin to someone’s shoes and other silly things. I knew we could obsess over this and see costs soar. Our life and general belongings are quite random – and that’s why it all works! We literally chose something if we liked it, and hoped it wouldn’t look like a jumble sale on the day.”

Abby & Liam Village Hall Colourful Wedding - Miki Photography-41

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City Chic London Wedding: Eleanor & Nick


Eleanor and Nick were married at Century Club on Shaftesbury Avenue in Soho. Their wedding had an urban, city feel with DIY throughout. The bride wore a gorgeous Roland Mouret dress with Jimmy Choo shoes but they saved money by homemaking most of the décor themselves.


“Most of all we wanted to have a really fun and informal day so that everyone could really relax and enjoy themselves”, the bride began. “We spent a lot of time planning the personal touches – we tried to get photographs of as many of our guests as possible and arrange them around the venue so that they would be good conversation starters. We also themed the tables according to places that were significant for us, made our own table decorations and included a quiz and some games (in a box on each table). My mum and her partner made the jam pots that were on each of the ladies’ place settings and Nick’s dad scanned and printed all the photos for us.”


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Rock n Roll Bride for Crown and Glory: Autumn/Winter 2013

Crown & Glory Rock n Roll Bride Collection header

Not content with just doing one collection together, Sophie of Crown and Glory and I decided early on in our collaboration that an Autumn/Winter range would need to be on the cards. Of course I love the rainbow, neon pop insanity of the first collection but I was also really excited to get a little bit deep, dark and moody for this second incarnation.

I am not one of those girls that looks forward to ‘Fall’. My neon loving self absolutely hates when the shops start to get full of chunky knits, winter boots, burgundy, forest green and mustard (yuk!) These colours just aren’t my bag at all. However I am a bit of a closet goth at heart, and this time of year I pretty much revert back to wearing all black (with a dash of glitter so I don’t get too depressed). I am so completely obsessed with this Timeless Plum Maybelline lip stain (see!?)

Black, gold, grey and glitter I can get on board with, so this was the starting point and inspiration for this collection. This is Autumn/Winter fashion for those that hate Autumn/Winter fashion!


Sophie is a true original. Her creativity knows no bounds and her only limit is her imagination! Always game for a laugh she’s never one to turn down a party invitation… as long as she can wear something big and glittery on her head!

abigail gold

Sophie glitter and gold flower crown – £25

rocknrollbride crown and glory austumn 2013_2

Sophie glitter and silver flower crown – £25 (my new fave, it looks SO AMAZING on!)


Elbie is fun, feisty and loves to experiment with fashion and style. Her hair changes colour more often than anyone I know and her make up is anything but conventional. A little bit punk, with a smidge of old school goth, Elbie is a babe that loves to stand out from the in-crowd.

elbie gold

Elbie gold glitter crown – £25

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