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A Sunday Kind of (California) Love

This Week’s Love List (Omaha Edition)

♥ aeroplane movies ♥ ‘Kat & Gareth Welcome to Omaha’ sign ♥ best. sushi. ever (sorry Yo Sushi) ♥ sake & cucumber cocktails ♥ farmer’s markets ♥ cookie & milk buffets ♥ being star struck ♥ Gucci Gucci ♥ Going on the telly (and being able to give sneaky shout outs to my friends ♥ wearing a pink tutu at 8am ♥ hugging Elvis ♥ peanut butter milkshakes (fit!) ♥ silver air-streams ♥ cocktail overflow ♥ new bff’s ♥ gyros ♥ expressing my not-so-inner rock chick by smashing and setting fire to a guitar (for a photo shoot…I don’t just have issues!) ♥ getting my make up done by a drag queen (the eye make up was incredible!) ♥ late night Mexican food (and being reminded of ‘that scene’ in Bridesmaids as we walked in “no the food is really good here, honest!”) ♥ trading America vs English expressions (new favourite “Totes Cray Cray” – translation – “Oh my, that’s totally crazy!” ♥ Mondo Guerra ♥ VIP areas ♥ customer service (the British need to learn a thing or two for realz!) ♥ glitter hairspray ♥ free wifi (step it up London!) ♥ being recognised wherever I go…weird at first but totally cool (or should I say totes cray cray…) ♥

Best of The Rest (Californian Edition)

Gareth & I leave Nebraska for California today.I’m going to meet some of my blogging ICONS while I’m there and I literally can’t wait. See you in the city of angels!!

It was really hard to pick which video to share (there are too many awesome songs about California!) but I know you’ll be dancing around your living room to this one…and if you’re not then you should be. Go on…you know you want to. I won’t tell anyone…

“California…knows how to party
California…knows how to party
In the citaaay of L.A.
In the citaaay of good ol’ Watts
In the citaaay, the city of Compton
We keep it rockin! We keep it rockin!”

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A Sunday Kind of Love – Thinking Back

This Week’s Love List…

♥ OCC Lip Tar (obsessed.) ♥ freshly dyed hair ♥ my favourite dinner two nights in a row ♥ wedding dress shopping with Roo ♥ boxes and boxes of vintage trims ♥ feather coats ♥ reunions  ♥ sisters ♥ wooden skulls from South America ♥ dreaming of American candy ♥ when internet friends become real life friends ♥ all you can eat sushi (erm… again) ♥ late nights and early mornings ♥ afternoon tea at Sketch ♥ visiting my girls at Fur Coat No Knickers and being offered bubbles at 1pm ♥

Best of the Rest

I have been asked by a few of you recently about my old photo shoots so I thought I’d take you on a trip down memory lane today and share all the photo shoots I’ve done over the years to promote the blog (poser much?!) This post is especially for those readers who might not have been following the blog for that long. Oh what a difference four-odd years makes!

My Boudoir Shoot – Late 2007

Our Engagement Shoot – April 2008

My Bridal Shoot – May 2008

A Cold Day In Bognor – February 2009

Rockabilly with Rosie – March 2009

Pinky, Punky Princess – June 2009

Abbey Ruins Goth Shoot – July 2009

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A Sunday Kind of Love – Eyelash Extensions with The London Dolls

This Week’s Love List…

♥ tidy house, tidy mind ♥ making amends ♥ Mexican food, cocktails and giggles ♥ taxidermy dreams ♥ Living Jewels ♥ making lists ♥ ticking things off lists ♥ USA! USA! USA! (only 9 sleeps to go!) ♥ closest clean outs ♥ long phone gossips ♥ coffee mornings ♥ all you can eat sushi (!) ♥

Best of the Rest…

Eyelashes. If you’re anything like me there’s nothing like a big fat pair of fluttery falsies worn on a night out to make you feel a million dollars. I’m also one of those people who feels totally naked if I go out without several layers of my ‘false lash effect’ mascara on. Please tell me I’m not the only weirdo like this?

False lashes rock but I’m pretty rubbish at putting them on myself…plus at between £5-£15 a pop they’re a pretty expensive habit huh? So when I was invited by Beth of The London Dolls if I’d like to try out her semi-permanent eyelash extensions…well I pretty much jumped at the chance!

The process took just over an hour and didn’t hurt a bit! I wear contact lenses and have quite sensitive eyes but the whole thing was much less of an ordeal than I expected.

Beth attached the individial lashes to my own lashes, not the skin of the eyelid like you would with normal false eyelases so again, no pain or discomfort at all! The glue used is pretty strong stuff (similar to medical glue that hospitals use to glue wounds together) so it ain’t going to budge! You can wear as much eye make up with these babies as you wish and can remove it using water-based eye-make up remover. These lashes ain’t going anywhere…

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A Sunday Kind of Love – Angelberry Lipstick Winner & Welcome to the Photography Farm

This Week’s Love List…

♥ husband’s who paint their wives nails (and ahem do an awesome job!) ♥ impromptu dinners at un-fancy restaurants ♥ lazy Mondays ♥ facials and massages (it’s a hard life) ♥ rockstar photographer friends ♥ invites to Spain (!) ♥ invites to New York (!!!) ♥ sparkly new shoes (thank you Terri!) ♥ Gala’s wedding ♥ Bad Girls marathons ♥ fluttery eyelashes ♥ twirly dresses ♥ rediscovering my love of film photography ♥ spending time away from my desk (!) ♥ effing exciting new projects ♥ chalkboard skulls ♥ best friends and giggles ♥ glitter in your hair

I also wanted to let you all know that the winner of the Angelberry Lipstick giveaway is…

Kat’s Meow

Congratulations to Pip who came up with this awesome name. This lipstick will forever be called Kat’s Meow and it’s all down to you and your fabulously creative idea! Chistine will be in touch soon to get your address to ship out your very own tube of lippy!

Best of the Rest…

But the main reason for excitement this week is that I’m here to announce the launch of The Photography Farm that I’ve been invited along as a special guest and to model for! There will also be a real life couple modeling for the engagement shoot portion of the workshop. Woooo. Hoooo.

Brainchild of the fabulous Lisa Devlin, The Photography Farm is a 3 day photography workshop focussing on an intimate and totally Rock n Roll approach to learning. The first Photography Farm will be taking place on the 27th – 29th September and will revolve around engagement and wedding photography. The price of this fabulous event is just £750 (this will increase to £1000 after the first workshop) and you’ll get accommodation (the farm is located close to Gatwick Airport), all food including a celebration dinner on the last night and fun provided. I’ve also been reliably informed that there is a pool, a hot tub and tennis courts…

This will be a small workshop with only 10 students. At the time of publishing there are currently only 5 spaces remaining for this first event.

For more info and details or to book your spot, email Lisa on or call 01273231047

I’ll see you there!

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A Sunday Kind of Love – Angelberry Organics (Enter to Win)

♥ Fashion collaborations ♥ Russell Brand’s Tribute ♥ lightbulb moments ♥ picnics with friends ♥ mini shopping trolleys ♥ strawberry punch ♥ gossiping until way after bedtime ♥ marriage equality ♥ lunchtime celebrations ♥ new box sets ♥ proud friends (and making them cry) ♥ yellow microphones ♥ bad taste in music ♥ remembering that I used to have good taste in music ♥ watching terrible movies with the one you love ♥

This week a lovely package came in the post for me from my friend Christine at Angelberry Organics. They specialise in beautiful, organic and cruelty-free make up and quite frankly I’m smitten. They even have a whole range of mineral based make up which is said to be brilliant for troublesome skin. Needless to say I can’t wait to give it a whirl!

“Our mission at Angelberry Organics is to bring you mineral cosmetics and body care products that leave you feeling completely divine,” they say. “Formulated using the highest quality natural ingredients, our heavenly treats are luxurious, fun, and made to enhance your natural beauty. Angelberry Organics products are not tested on animals and 100% free from all synthetic chemicals, paraben preservatives, dyes, and bismuth oxychloride.”

“We’re inspired by all of the deliciousness of life, gratitude for each day, and the beauty that surrounds us. We believe that every person should be empowered to live a clean, healthy, balanced life. Our hope is that our products will provide you with a moment to pause from your day, care for yourselves and your loved ones, and celebrate being you.”

Within the package of goodies was this fab lipstick that I’m wearing in these photos. Its a beautiful deep pink and is going to be perfect for me when I’m feeling less conspicuous (I can usually be spotted sporting the brightest of bright pink lipsticks!)

Christine would like to name this fabulous lippy after Rock n Roll Bride and so has asked if the readers of the blog would be able to come up with a suitably fabulous name.

To enter, simply comment below by next Saturday (6th August) with your ideas. You can enter as many times, and with as many different ideas as you wish. The winner will not only have the pride of naming the lippy, but will also win a full size tube of the stuff for flaunting around town.

The winner will be announced on the blog next Sunday.

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A Sunday Kind of Love – Mel Shoes & Wah Nails

Inspired by Gala, I’ve decided that a weekly list of things I’m grateful for each week will potentially help me to realise how lucky I am. Sometimes life’s stresses can get in the way and we forget to stop and smell the roses. I’d encourage you to do the same. I’m planning on keeping a notebook with me at all times to jot down the small things that make me smile (and that might otherwise pass me by.) It’s so easy to focus on the bad and ignore he good right?

I woke up this morning in a crappy mood and just writing this list has made me feel a whole lot better.

♥ Jasmine Star ♥ cute mini cakes ♥ pink flowers ♥ yellow dresses ♥ gorgeous light ♥ rain ♥ thai food ♥ afternoon tea ♥ pod bathrooms ♥ unicorn temporary tattoos ♥ quiet hotel rooms ♥ loud nights out ♥ cocktails with friends ♥ a seat on the tube ♥ American accents in London ♥ new make up experiences ♥ neon hair bodyguards ♥ handwritten notes ♥ new stationery ♥ to do lists ♥ new friends ♥ holding hands ♥ invites to radio shows ♥ Marie Claire Greece (!) ♥

We all love the Vivienne Westwood/Melissa shoes don’t we? They’ve kind of become a staple for any self-professed Rock n Roll Bride. However this week I was browsing in Schuh and I came across Mel. I asked the assistant if they were their own-brand version of the Melissa range, but I was pleasantly surprised to be told that no, they were still under the Melissa brand but a cheaper range!

mel shoes

This bargain range starts from just £16!

Secondly, after a crazy-busy week with Jasmine Star (full report and behind-the-scenes video to come soon), Elbie treated me to a Wah nails manicure. They have a concession in the Oxford Street Topshop and I’m already planning to go back again soon!

Their designs are totally one-of-a-kind. We walked in and were greeted with a wall of choices – different designs which you could customise with which ever colours you wanted. We were even asked if we wanted to add glitter, gems or embellishments…I said yes of course!

I went for the ‘drippy’ design on my fingers, with each ‘drip’ in a different colour and the ‘pow’ design on my thumbs. When the artist asked me what words I wanted written on my thumbs, I of course said ‘Rock’ and ‘Roll’! Elbie had the ‘pow’ design on her fingers and some freaky (but very cool) bloodshot eyeballs on her thumbs!

I’d highly recommend a visit. However make sure you book an appointment as they’re super popular.

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A Sunday Kind of Love – Fancy Treehouse

I love fashion blogs, and my newest discovery obsession is Fancy Treehouse, ran by the beautiful Coury Combs. What I love most about her blog is her online vintage store. You could get lost for hours in there. This morning she put up her latest selection of dresses, tops & bottoms and my heart skipped a beat when I saw this little beauty….

Vintage wedding dress anyone?

and it’s only $69!!

Happy shopping ladies. Have a beautiful Sunday.

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A Sunday Kind of Love – Bid tv Wedding Weekend

me, ‘helping’ to sell a giant cupcake mould!

As some of you may already know, before I was a full time wedding blogger I was a producer for bid tv, a shopping channel here in the UK. Whilst I loved this job and the people I worked with, once Rock n Roll Bride got really popular and busy I simply couldn’t do both jobs anymore so I had to leave.

Shopping channels can get a bit of a bad rep, but I have to say the crew at bid tv are some of the nicest and most hard working bunch of people I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing (erm…most of the time!) plus…and this is a big plus….you really can get some bargains!

Assistant presenter Gemma & I prepping for our show…Honestly, most of the time we really did work very hard!

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Taking Over the World with the One You Love

I’ve had your 100% support from the moment I finally admitted to you that I was a secret wedding geek who had started a wedding blog because I’d loved planning our own wedding that much. For that I will be eternally grateful. I know that without you here by my side, there is no way that Rock n Roll Bride would be where it is today. Without your logical advice and technical know-how, I certainly wouldn’t have been able to create and maintain this little corner of cyber space like I have…

You helped me set up my site properly when I deleted my Blogger account by mistake.

You convinced me that Twitter was the ‘next big thing’.

You create custom widgets and sidebars and layouts and all kinds of fancy behind the scenes geekery that I can’t even begin to pretend to understand. Because of you my website looks the prettiest it ever has.

You’ve indulged me with my weird ideas and often questionable opinions.

You’ve corrected my terrible spelling and kept my grammar in check. Hell, you even occasionally read my magazine articles (even though I know the subject is totally boring for you), critique my photo shoot ideas and approve my video blogs.

You’ve attempted time and time again to explain tax and VAT to me…and I’m so sorry but I still don’t really get it.

You’ve always been by my side in this crazy blogging adventure, even when we didn’t speak for 24 hours because I was stuck at my computer trying to hit some crazy deadlines.

…And now you’ve quit your own business to work with me. Full time. Words can’t express how proud I am of you for taking that leap to leaving a job that you hated…and words also can’t express how excited I am that you are officially my bitch. (Ahem, now where’s that coffee I ordered?!)

I promise to always appreciate you and all you do for me, our business and our little family. I’ll try my hardest to not be the worst ‘boss’ you’ve ever had…and I promise to always be willing to drop everything and go to Nando’s for lunch with you.

Welcome to team Rock n Roll Bride Gareth. Let’s take over the world together shall we?!

Photo by Me. Have I got the hottest employee or what?!

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A Sunday Kind of Love – Tobi Hannah Bridal 2012 collection

‘Amaze’ and ‘Edith’

Tobi Hannah is one of my favourite new designers. Not only is she super lovely, but her (exclusively) short wedding dresses are utterly perfect for Rock n Roll Brides…and just you wait until you hear how affordable they are. Prices start from just £750.

Tobi also offers a full bespoke service if you want to design your own dress from scratch. The Bespoke service takes just 5-8 weeks from initial consultation to receiving your dress. Simply fill out her online form to get the ball rolling.

‘Mary’ and ‘Natalyia’

She explains, “The Spring Summer 2012 collection is inspired by the youth of the mid to late 1960’s and their sense of assurance, serene beyond all years. The collection can be summed up in three words – youthful, free-spirited and fun. Tobi Hannah Bridal – Intricately detailed short and tea length wedding dresses for the modern bride.”

‘Peyton’ and ‘Vera’

I am proud to share her newest collection with you today. Be sure to check her out today!

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