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A Sunday Kind of Love: Pictures of You…

It’s been such an exciting week, not least of all because the photos of you lot with your Rock n Roll Bride magazines have been coming in thick and fast! I know not everyone will have got their’s yet (we’re packing and shipping every single one ourselves – eeek – we are getting through the orders as fast as we can) but my inbox and twitter stream have been awash with Rock n Roll awesomeness all week! Keep your photos coming in, I’ll share some more of them over the coming weeks. Here are some of my favourites from the last 7 days…

PS. If you haven’t nabbed your copy yet, you can still grab one!

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A Sunday Kind of Love: This is My Excited Face!

Be here, Monday morning, 9am (BST) to find out how to get your grubby mitts on a copy.

Being sold exclusively through Rock n Roll Bride and shipping worldwide, I am very excited that we’ve finally wrapped this incredible project. The only thing I ask is that if you get one that you post silly pictures of your excited face all over the internet too. Mkay?

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A Sunday Kind of Love: Emotional Brilliance with LUSH

Ever since I blogged that shocking video that LUSH put together to raise awareness of animal testing in the cosmetics industry, I haven’t been able to get it out of my mind. Every morning I’ve been worrying whether the things I’m putting on my face have somehow played a part in keeping this awful practice the norm. So you can imagine my elation when I found out LUSH were bringing out a make up range! It launched worldwide yesterday and I was up bright and early to head into town to get some first hand experience of it. “You’re mad”, Gareth said, “going into town on a Saturday. It will be mental”, “It will be worth braving the crowds for…” I responded, “I’m doing my bit for the bunnies.”

Don’t you just love going into a LUSH store? The sights, the smells, the excellent customer service. I was greeted by Rachel who asked if I’d like a colour reading. “Yes please”, I responded. She asked me to close my eyes while she span the wheel of colours in front of me. When she told me to, I opened my eyes and picked the three colours that immediately jumped out at me. They didn’t have to be my favourite colours, or ones I thought would suit me, they just had to be the ones I was drawn to without thinking about it. She then put the pot of colour which was represented by each choice in the middle of the wheel and told me what each one meant. Oh and yes… and surrounded them with dry ice (crappy picture of it, booo) but oooh that bit was strangely exciting!

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A Sunday Kind of Love: The Summer Photography Farm

Tomorrow I’m off to the Photography Farm, Lisa Devlin‘s epic three day wedding photographers’ workshop, for the third time. You might say I’m a bit addicted to it! I’m not just there to hang out and learn (although that ineviablly happens at each one anyway) I’m on board to help style the shoots and impart some of my bloggy and wedding industry knowledge to those lucky farmers.

On day one we have two styled shoots. The first is the engagement shoot of one of Lisa’s real life couples, and the second is a bridal shoot with my gorgeous sister and her boyfriend playing models! For the latter we’ve gone for a ‘Hippy Luxe’ theme – think dreadlocks, birds nest crowns, multi coloured jewelley, wall hangings, henna, Moroccan style poofs. Oh and a tent! I can’t wait to see it all come together.

I’m pretty sure there isn’t another photography workshop out there that does styled shoots like this…

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A Sunday Kind of Love: BHLDN on Sale!

So I tweeted & facebooked about this as soon as I saw it on Friday (I was in the middle of writing up a wedding that’s going up tomorrow, and the bride was in a BHLDN dress so I popped by the website to link to it and BAM! OMG “SAAAALE SAAAAAAAAAAAAAALE!” I squealed).

So yes, I already shared this via my social media but I couldn’t resist adding it to the blog today too. If this isn’t worth A Sunday Kind of Lovin’ I quite frankly don’t know what is.

BHLDN, Anthropologie‘s younger and (IMHO) more glamorous sister, are having a whopper of a sale. From wedding gowns to bridesmaid dresses, and cute decor ideas to underwear, I spent waaaay too much of my Friday afternoon a-swooning over every.single.item.

Here are some of my fave items… all of which are on sale right now! I’ve been been so kind as to arrange them into outfits for you… (click to enlarge)

Monochrome Magic

Tiered Tulip Gown $2400 $1000
Silent Star Wedges $210 $120
Guinguette Bibi $180 $100

Starry Starry Night

Couturier Skirt $650 $280
Stratosphere Mary Janes $342 $180
Shining Rounds Tiara $425 $280

Colour Clashing Bridesmaid

Miraflores Dress $310 $120
Topiary Pumps $270 $180
Papered Poppy Bouquet $224 $80

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A Sunday Kind of Love: I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

On Thursday Gareth & I packed up our bags and head northward to the West Midlands for our next School of Rock Blogging workshop. It’s the forth one we’ve done together but it doesn’t get any easier. I’m still an annoying nervous wreck in the morning “Gaaareth have you got the cables? Did you save the slideshow? Is there petrol in the car? Oh hurry up we’re gonna be laaaaaate!” I don’t know how he copes with me actually!

♥ optimistic with sunglasses on as we set off ♥ driving through actual rivers to get there ♥ the beautiful Curradine Barns ♥ who’s that imposer?! ♥ Emma’s ‘Kat face’ ♥ aaaaaaamazing cake topper of yours truly made by workshop attendee Cassie. Recognise the outfit? ♥

I was particularly excited and nervous about this workshop because so many people I knew were going to be there! Birmingham is full of a plethora of amazing wedding suppliers, and so many of them were making the trek from the city to the Curradine Barns in Worcester to hear me speak. NO PRESSURE.

I’ll talk more about how the day went when I share the photos Emma took and the video that the amazing Lee made next Monday (note: I’ll also be announcing the next workshop date and location so be sure to pop by if you want to get yourself a spot).

♥ a yummy way to start the day ♥ I don’t know why…? ♥ street art at The Wedding Custard Factory ♥ black tattooed wedding dress by The Couture Company ♥ Jo is making me a corset! How lucky am I?! ♥ I love Birmingham ♥

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