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School of Rock Blogging Workshop at Muddifords Court, Devon

Photography Credit: My Fabulous Life

This week Gareth & I trotted off to Muddifords Court in Devon to host a School of Rock blogging workshop. As always I was super nervous on the drive down, but once we arrived and met Becky, Nicky & Pip my mind was put at ease. They were all so utterly lovely and made us feel extremely welcome!

Photography Credit: Laura Michelle Photography

My four hour presentation went super quickly and, if I do say so myself, pretty swimmingly. There were so many questions which always makes me happy, and the attendees were all smiling, scribbling notes and nodding along with what I was saying which is always a good sign I reckon!

Photography Credit: My Fabulous Life

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A Sunday Kind of Love: Ulyana Sergeenko’s Spring/Summer 2012 Collection

After falling head over heels for her 2011 collection, I wasn’t sure my love for Russian fashion designer Ulyana Sergeenko could grow any more. However I stand well and truly corrected as her 2012 designs have floored me.

The cuts, the shapes, the fabrics. Everything about every. single. item. makes me want it in my life! Feminine, vintage-inspired and practically perfect in every way.

My only gripe is that I can’t find any of these items to buy online and I fear even if I did they would be way out of any price range I’d consider. It’s nice to dream though!

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A Sunday Kind of Love: Anastasia Radevich’s Lost Civilizations Shoe Collection

If you’re a shoe fetishist like me then you’re about to die over what I have to show you. Did you ever think an underwater world could be resurrected into shoe-form? Well, behold – the Lost Civilizations Shoe Collection from Anastasia Radevich.

“Lost Civilizations is the title for the collection of shoes that narrates a story of the lost civilizations of the past, present and the future,” Anastasia told me. “The first 5 pieces of shoes walk the viewer through civilizations that, despite all technological advancements, were doomed to vanish. They have been submerged beneath the seas, after the sea level rose and flooded lands that have been host to the humans before.”

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A Sunday Kind of Love: Eggs, Baby Bunnies & An Ombre Wedding Dress

Well what else could I be loving this Sunday but Easter!? I don’t like chocolate at all (I know, I’m a freak) but I do love spending the day with my loved ones and taking some much needed time off work. I couldn’t leave you without some Easter inspo pretty though could I!?

Today I wanted to share something a little different, Melanie & Michael’s sweet Easter inspired shoot that was sent over by wedding photographers Jenn & Derrek of Jennifer Sullivan Photography.

If this doesn’t get you in the Easter egg munching, baby bunny petting spirit I don’t know what will.

I hope you all have a fabulous day whatever you’re up to.

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A Sunday Kind of Love: LipSense/SheerSense Liquid Lip Colour

When shooting in Vegas, make up artist LaVey asked what I’d like on my lips, “bright pink please” was my reply (obviously!) “Well I’ve got something that will blow your socks off,” she replied, “this stuff won’t budge all day.”

And she wasn’t kidding.

When we wrapped shooting at 5.30pm the lip stain still looked exactly as it did when she applied it that morning. I’d eaten, drunk, talked, giggled…all in the desert heat, and this stuff was still there! Nope, I wouldn’t have believed it myself if it wasn’t me wearing it! Look at these photos if you’re still not convinced… (I’m wearing ‘Fuchsia’)

Left – one of first shots of the day {by Lisa Devlin}, Right – one of the last shots of the day {by David McNeil}

When I returned to the UK I knew I had to get my hands on some of this LipSense wonder stain (it’s called SheerSense over here in the UK). When I tried it at home I was just as impressed so I wanted to share some of the results with you guys too. The website’s (there’s a US site and UK site) aren’t the most impressive and in fact the product packaging leaves a lot to be desired, but it’s what’s inside that packaging that counts!

These photos were all taken on the same day on my phone. I’m wearing ‘Party Pink’.

The first, at 8am…(wow that’s a tired face!)

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A Sunday Kind of Love – The Temple Gregory Party at The Savoy

with Eliza Claire, Eliza’s sister & Lucy Ledger

Last Wednesday I was lucky enough to be invited to a party hosted by wedding planners Temple Gregory at The Savoy, London. Holy posh venue batman!

I rocked up with Debs & Lucy in my Charlotte Balbier finest, my $5 Hot Topic Barbie necklace and my Janine Basil star headband.

with Alexis of OMG I’m Getting Married & Chanelle of Segerius Bruce Photography

It goes without saying really that the venue was freakin’ stunning. Located on The Strand, the hotel was first opened in 1889. After extensive renovations between December 2007 and October 2012, the hotel still boasts striking original features. The art deco vibe makes me go weak at the knees!

The party was held in the Lancaster Ballroom which I’m sure you’ll all agree is a little bit special huh? The pale blue walls worked perfectly with the pastel colour scheme of the party.

Oh yes…and a wedding industry party wouldn’t be complete without a photo booth would it?!

The fill gallery of photo booth snaps from the party can be seen here.

And of course some Instax action!

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A Sunday Kind of Love: Kids on Marriage

This Week’s Love List…

♥ Overcoming my Skype phobia ♥ plans plans plans! ♥ shoots shoots shoots! ♥ having a full week at home – I didn’t have to go to London ONCE! Bliss… ♥ kitties crazy on catnip ♥ slanket snuggles & cuteness ♥ having my hair all cute again – beautified by Elbie ♥ all you can eat sushi!! ♥ blog love ♥ thinking about feminism & business…and missing Megan (but getting excited that I’m going to see her again SOON!) ♥

Best of the Rest…

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A Sunday Kind of Love: Impromptu Dance Parties

This week’s Love List…

Cocktails at… ♥ My bestie Lucy giving birth! ♥ Two blissful days in Brighton ♥ Readers who send me things like this – wow! ♥ My latest Charlotte Balbier obsession ♥ Visiting David Fielden in his showroom ♥ A leisurely amble around the Selfridges shoe department ♥

Best of the Rest

Last weekend I was lucky enough to attend the Alternative Wedding Fair in London. These photographs totally sum up the day to me. The dresses by Elisabeth Armstrong were just so fabulous and the models were totally gorgeous.

Impromtu dance parties in Piccadilly Circus are amazing.

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A Sunday Kind of Love: Partying at The Dorchester with Hot Male Models, The British Wedding Glitterati & Martha Stewart Magazine

This Week’s Love List…

♥ Seeing the first draft of issue 2 of Rock n Roll Bride Magazine. It looks SO GOOD! (Will be available to purchase really soon I promise!) ♥ Meeting Ian Stuart ♥ burritos and wine ♥ Showgirls (how have I never seen this movie before!?) ♥ Booking our flights and apartment in NYC!!! Gareth & I are off there in May and I can’t bloody wait ♥ getting back on the fast computer ♥ vintage purchases (I need another party to wear them at now please) ♥ hooking up with old friends ♥ Madonna on Graham Norton – I loved her! ♥ making plans for Vegas which I’m heading to in less than a month! ♥ The fact that not only and I going to WPPI, but that I get to go to this party! ♥

Best of the Rest…

This is how stupid my life is right now. Can someone please tell me how I got here and what planet I’m living on?

Last week I hung out at The Dorchester…at a party hosted by wedding planner Mark Niemierko…for Darcy Miller, editor of Martha Stewart magazine…oh and there were male models dressed as soldiers…not to mention the fact that I got to meet/chat to/be in the same room as to David Fielden, Charlotte Castigliano, Stephanie Allin, Sassi Holdford, Ritva Westenius, Suzanne Neville, Stewart Parvin, Phillipa Lepley, Elizabeth Emanuel, Bruce Oldfield and Johanna Heir.

Name dropping? Moi? In fact I have nothing else coherent to say about it really except…HOW THE EFF DID I GET INVITED?!

The Dorchester Penthouse. Bigger than my entire house (ps I just spied my reflection in the mirror – lol)

With my fellow wedding bloggers – Charlotte from Rock my Wedding, wedding planner Mark Niemierko, Alexis from OMG I’m Getting Married and Anna from Anna and the Ring.

UK Wedding bloggers with Darcy Miller, editor of Martha Stewart Magazine

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A Sunday Kind of Love: Upper Street Launch A Range of Ballet Flats – Design Your Own Shoes!

This Week’s Love List…

♥ Making plans for NYC! ♥ fried egg sandwiches ♥ cocktails with friends ♥ partying…in the penthouse of The Dorchester…with male models as waiters…while chatting to Caroline Castigliano, David FieldenStephanie Allin, Sassi Holford…all of who introduced themselves to me and knew who I was. JESUS!♥ The response to this ♥ half the spaces for the Sheffield workshop selling in just 24 hours! BOOM. Book your spot here ♥ vintage shopping at the Sue Ryder fair ♥

Best of the Rest…

If you’ve been reading the blog for a while, you will probably have heard all about Upper Street Shoes before. Last summer, they asked me if I wanted to design my very own pair of shoes using their online software and…well I wasn’t going to say no to that was I? You can see the first pair I designed here.

However when I received an email from the girls recently to let me know that they were launching a ballet flats range, I just about jumped out of my chair with glee! I do love the look of sky-high platforms, epic wedges and cute kitten heels, but oh how I suck at balancing and walking in them…I’m a little clumsy to say the least. Anyway, this was like music to my ears and when they asked if I’d again, like to design a pair myself, well I just about wet myself with excitement.

This time, I went to visit them in their London office to experience a VIP Customer Appointment (and I really did feel like a VIP!) Here, I got to look through the fabric samples and work with them to make sure I was 100% happy with my design. I was also able to swoon over all the shoes in their office. Working everyday in an office full of pretty shoes must be very distracting, I’m not sure how they do it!

You can book your own VIP Appointment through their website here.

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A Sunday Kind of Love: Magpie Vintage Sample Sale – Items from just £12!

This Week’s Love List…

♥ The response to The Green Room – thank you all so much! ♥ spending the day with my sister Rachel ♥ extra long and ridiculously cute sofa snuggles with my kitten…also called Rachel! ♥ chai lattes ♥ Lust perfume (and matching soap!) from Lush – it’s, well, lush! ♥ Realising I’m gonna get to hang out with Gala no less than THREE TIMES this year (in Vegas, New York and London – yes, my stalker-kudos has been taken to a whole new level) ♥ This mug. I NEED it (ps I think I have a mug obsession…) ♥

Best of the Rest…

There ain’t no hiding that I love love love Magpie Vintage. Working with genuine vintage pieces, Lisa & Tania are some of the loveliest ladies in the wedding industry and so bloody talented at what they do! So, I’m more than a little bit thrilled to let you know that their sample sale is now on. With pieces from as little as £12 you’re sure to find something perfectly sparkly for your big day.

Here are some of my favourites available right now

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A Sunday Kind of Love: All I Want for Christmas…is the Furla Candy Bag

This Week’s Love List…

♥ xmas parties ♥ getting a real Christmas tree ♥ treating ourselves to loads of new Christmas decorations! ♥ tinsel ♥ champagne deliveries ♥ finishing my Christmas shopping! ♥ overusing the word Christmas in this post ♥ Five years of Gala! ♥ Saturday nights in ♥ Sunday morning lie-ins ♥ Sex and the City marathons ♥ this Betsey Johnson necklace ♥

Best of the Rest…

You know youre getting old when you ask for carpet for christmas. However I think I can safely secure my Rock n Roll credentials for another 365 days if I have this baby with me. I was walking down Regent Street this week and BOOM! I was shot with handbag lust of epic proportions when I saw these lovelies glissening in the window of the Furla flagship.

furla candy bag

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