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A Sunday Kind of Love: Sneak Peek Sunday

This Week’s Love List…

♥ School of Rock – class #2 & making more lovely friends ♥ dirty KFC for tea (sometimes it just has to be done!) ♥ pushing myself ♥ feeling inspired ♥ finally starting some Christmas shopping ♥ treating myself to the SATC box set ♥ watching all of Season One of SATC in one sitting ♥ cheesy toasties & cup-a-soup (my cold weather lunchtime staple) ♥ getting started with issue 2 of Rock n Roll Bride magazine (woohooo!) ♥ Gareth finishing the kitchen (how ace is the wallpaper?) ♥ Gareth saying that a bright pink light fitting would really ‘make’ the kitchen (hello, awesome husband!) ♥ treating myself to THIS (I LOVE HIM) ♥ trying to convince Gareth that the pink reindeer head is a good idea… ♥ getting seriously excited by all the glitter in shops right nowthis pink blog post inspired by yours truly ♥ This custom made dress that landed on my doorstep! ♥ damnyouautocorrect ♥

The Best of the Rest…

I don’t often sneak peek weddings I have to feature on the blog (I save that for Twitter and Facebook teases). However recently I’ve been getting so many amazing weddings submitted that I can’t wait to get them out!

All these weddings will be hitting the blog over the coming weeks, but just for you dear reader, here’s a small selection to show you how pretty my inbox is looking right now.

sneak peek sunday 2

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A Sunday Kind of Love: “LJ vs JL” – A Photography Tutorial DVD by Lara Jade & Joey L

This Week’s Love List…

Exposed ♥ (very) late night giggles and dancing ♥ husbands who do DIY ♥ chai lattes ♥ the winter chill ♥ hats with ears ♥ secret santa ♥ new friends ♥ realising inspirations ♥ ideas that hit you in traffic jams ♥ too many photo booth props ♥ getting excited for 2012 ♥ Friday nights in with terrible movies ♥ making a list, checking it twice…♥

The Best of the Rest…

This week saw the launch of Lara Jade and Joey L‘s much anticipated photography tutorial DVD. Fashion and commercial photographers respectively, these two have worked tirelessly over the past 2 years to create this ‘workshop-on-a-disc.’ This four hour epic aims to offer guidance and knowledge to every level of photographer from these two inspirational artists.

“We invite you to step inside of our vision and observe as we compete head to head in photo shoot challenges around the world,”Lara explains. “So, whether you’re a photographer just starting out or you are a professional working within your chosen industry this tutorial DVD is the tool you need to inspire you to find your own journey and vision!”

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A Sunday Kind of Love: Lara Hannah’s Vintage Inspired Wedding Dresses & Tobi Hannah’s Sharing Secrets 2012 Collections

This Week’s Love List…

♥ The feeling of wearing make up for the first time in 2 weeks ♥ Getting dressed into something that isn’t PJ bottoms (seriously, can you tell I’ve been ill?) ♥ taking my husband out to dinner…just cos ♥ having a tidy house (!) ♥ husband’s that do DIY ♥ making plans for VEGAS BABY! ♥ sushi & cocktails at a private members club with Tobi ♥ The first School of Rock! (n Roll Bride) ♥ meeting lovely readers of the blog who are just plain LOVELY ♥ words can not even express…thank you Benjamin Adams & Miss Bush Bridal!  ♥

The Best of the Rest…

My friend and designer extraordinaire Tobi Hannah is just about to launch her Lara Hannah 2012 bridal collection and I’ve got the exclusive first showing of it on my blog. How cool?

Although she’s become well known for her short wedding dress collections, I am so thrilled that Tobi’s also now doing a longer length range under the Lara Hannah name. A “vintage inspired collection for the modern bride” as she puts it. Aren’t they stunning?

Be sure to check out the inspiration section of her website. All of the gowns have been inspired by the work of artist John William Waterhouse. It’s so interesting to see the subtle homages in shape, colour or fabric, to these classic paintings with each dress.

lara hannah 2012Click to enlarge

Clockwise from top left – Adriana, Airlia, Alberta, April, Neri (with Bolero), Felicity, Elizabeth, Brigitte

Prices start from £1300. Appointments to see Tobi in her central London studio can be made by through her website.

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A Sunday Kind of Love: We’re Going Through Changes…

This Week’s Love List…

♥ Berocca ♥ first g&t in 34 days. For the record, it was bloody lovely ♥ Starbucks Christmas coffee ♥ getting website bugs fixed ♥ getting my bugs fixed ♥ Pan Am & Christina Ricci’s bottom ♥ Wah nails ♥ charity shop browsing ♥ wine ♥ giggles and gossip ♥ having a Roomance ♥

Best of the Rest…

Gareth has been a busy little bee this week. We have some pretty exciting new ideas for the blog (it’s just a matter of him now implementing these grand plans, so watch this space over the next few months!) but this week he’s been thinking about the bottom of the blog. Scroll down and take a look…

Firstly, he’s added page numbers for easier archive surfing (which I’m not entirely sure is actually a good thing, most of my early blog posts are SHOCKING!) He’s also added social media links (now including Pinterest) to the footer of the blog. We’ve also added the much overdue subscribe/RSS button.

The QR barcode will take you to the mobile version of the site if you scan it with your phone. Fancy huh?

Hopefully these new changes will make your surfing of Rock n Roll Bride that much easier. You’re welcome. Happy Sunday!

A Sunday Kind of Love: Getting to Know You

This Week’s Love List…

♥ buying my 2012 diary ♥ Autumn weather ♥ Christmas decorations in the shops ♥ encouraging emails ♥ Midnight in Paris ♥ wearing lipstick while still in my PJs ♥ wearing slippers in bed ♥ Nurse Gareth ♥ long baths ♥ early nights ♥ dvd marathons ♥ getting prints of some of my favourite photographs ♥ remembering that only I can make my dreams a reality ♥

Best of the Rest…

The funny thing with the internet is that everyone thinks they know best…all hidden behind their keyboards with their opinions on everything. A lot of people think they know the people they see online better than they actually do.

But you know what, most of the people you see online are keeping things secret. Take myself for example, you know I like pink, glitter, kittens, shopping, rainbows…and that I have strong opinions on weddings, but what else do you really know about me?

Don’t worry, I’m not going to get all deep on you here, but in the spirit of getting to know each other better, here’s some things you probably have’t heard about me before…

♥ I don’t eat chocolate…and haven’t tasted the stuff for about 7 years. The thought of it make me panic.

♥ I’ve saw Boyzone in concert about 8 times. I collected every.little.thing with their names or faces on… I had scrapbooks and everything (the obsession stopped when I was about 15 and I discovered grunge. Thank God.)

♥ I hate tomatoes.

♥ I am exceptionally short sighted.

♥ My hair is naturally very dark brown. I’ve been blonde (not a good look), orange, purple, rainbow and various shades of pink.

♥ I have six tattoos…if you count my sleeve as just one that is.

♥ I used to have my left nipple and my right wrist pierced. My Mother was horrified, especially about the nipple thing.

♥ I studied Film and university. I got a 2:1.

♥ I was bullied at school.

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A Sunday Kind of Love – The Quiet Place

This Week’s Love List…

♥ Shooting with Ashton ♥ learning some sign language ♥ fitting back into my vintage dress after just three weeks of not drinking!!!! ♥ spending the day with Elbie ♥ Gareth’s quiff ♥ snuggles with Rachel ♥ strong coffee ♥ getting into the Christmas spirit (too early?) ♥ owl cushions ♥ more exciting chats and plans with Megan ♥

Best of the Rest…

(graphic by me, idea via .la douleur exquise.)

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A Sunday Kind of Love – Videos from the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards

This Week’s Love List…

this ♥ spending a day with Shell ♥ spending a day with Charlotte ♥ vintage bargains ♥ sparkly glitter brogues! ♥ Mexican food ♥ new beauty treats ♥ MoroccanOil ♥ being able to wear tights and jumpers again ♥ furry slippers ♥ mocktails ♥ drinks with cucumber ♥ chai spiced lattes ♥ Gareth making me laugh uncontrollably ♥ clearing out old clothes and buying lots of new ones ♥ knitted mid-length skirts – cute and practical ♥ making exciting plans for a trip to Paris with my best girls next spring! ♥ early morning tweetathons with Megan & making plans to meet up in NYC next May! ♥

Bets of the Rest…

Check out this fab video filmed at the Cosmopolitan Magazine blog awards. You can see me collecting my award and being interviewed afterwards!

And if you want to see another video from the night, here’s Adam, Charlotte & I in the photo booth. I’m sure they don’t hate me really

Thanks to for that one! You can see more photo booth photos from the event here. also posted some photos from the event here. Here I am collecting my award…I knew it would be a shocker of a photo!

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A Sunday Kind of Love – Win a Free Place at the Next Photography Farm

This Week’s Love List…

♥ The response to Rock n Roll Bride Magazine (seriously, blown. away. Issue one is now completely sold out by the way and we’re not getting any more printed. Stand by for issue two!) ♥ 10 days alcohol-free! (i’ll get back into that vintage dress yet…) ♥ The Bloggess – especially this post! ♥ sugar free red bull ♥ catch up’s, rude boy slang and general hilarity with Amma ♥ London Tattoos launch party ♥ Vivienne ♥

Best of the Rest…

Farm_Bride 289

The Photography Farm makes me do a happy dance…I know you wish you were there too…

Photographers, are struggling to use flash in the right way when shooting weddings? Well then this workshop is for you. This two (and a half) day event will focus on off-camera flash & light painting, and is in partnership with lighting expert Adam Bronkhorst at Viva Wedding Photography.

They say, “This unique advanced flash workshop at The Photography Farm is designed to give you a full understanding of how and why to use off-camera flash (also known as Strobist) and light painting in a wedding environment”

You will learn the fundamentals of off-camera flash and how to use the different techniques in any environment as well as learning post-production and business tips from wedding photographer of the year Lisa Devlin.

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A Sunday Kind of Love – Taking a Break from the Booze

This Week’s Love List…

♥ Brighton ♥ bacon & eggs sarnies ♥ sheds ♥ hanging out with horses ♥ honeymoon suites ♥ giant baths ♥ surprise takeaways (aww I love my husband) ♥ waking up hangover-free! ♥ kitty snuggles after being away ♥ the thought of not having to pack a suitcase for a while ♥

The Best of the Rest…

Credit: Pom Pom Factory This photo is unrelated to the post, I just loved it!

Something a little different and a little bit random for A Sunday Kind of Love this week…but a little thing I’ve been wanting to do for a while. Plus I figure if I announce it publicly I’ll be more likely to stick to it!

I’m giving up drinking for a month (I know OMG) but I’m actually surprisingly excited about the challenge. When you work from home it is all too easy to have a glass or two of wine every night…plus all these lovely industry events I keep getting invited too are always dripping in champers (oh it’s a hard life!) But seriously I do feel like my body needs a little break.

I’d love to be one of those naturally health-concious people – the kind that enjoy the gym and drink juice for breakfast…but nope, that’s definitely not me. Continue reading

A Sunday Kind of Love – Forever 21 Hits the UK

This Week’s Love List…

♥ lovely emails ♥ seeing my girls ♥ DVB! DVB! DVB! ♥ incredible husbands ♥ seeing a plan come together ♥ pomegranate martini’s ♥ new recipes (oh such I’m such a good housewife – not!) ♥ getting the blog logo made into perspex! ♥ seeing the first Rock n Roll Bride Magazine in actual real-life print ♥ sausages and mash ♥ The blogger’s workshops (both dates) selling out in only a few hours! ♥

My list is a little short this week – sad face. Help me out and add some of yours in the comments below would ya?!

Best of the Rest…

Another slightly consumerist inclusion this week, but did you know Forever 21 has come to the UK? I know the flagship store opened on Bond Street in August but this week was my first opportunity to pop in and have a gander. The shop is three floors of fashion heaven and I went a little bit gaga over…

Dotty cardigan

Colour block Sweater Tunic (purchased!)

Calf length striped skirt (purchased!)
£7 (!!!!)

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A Sunday Kind of Love – Hello Kitty & Swarovski Collaboration!

This Week’s Love List…

♥ A September heatwave ♥ spending a week at the farm ♥ in house catering ♥ late night (early morning) drinking sessions with new friends ♥ chat roulette (who knew it was such a weird world out there!) ♥ rainbows and sun flare ♥ excitable puppies ♥ chilled out horses ♥ farm cats ♥ pink poofy petti’s ♥ people who go above and beyond ♥

The Best of The Rest…

Look what I spied in the window of my local Swarovski shop this week. Gareth groaned and I squealed. I even love the crystal figurines. This range is awesome right…? Or am I mental?

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A Sunday Kind of Love – Designer Vintage Bridal Show – October 8th & 9th

This Week’s Love List…

♥ a summary of travels by NoaPerfect Wedding ♥ champagne at lunchtime ♥ being too scared to try oysters ♥ goodie bags a go go! ♥ Sassi Holford‘s 30 years! ♥ new rainbow/my little pony hair! ♥ red bows ♥ photo shoot plans ♥ getting excited about The Farm ♥ two cups of coffee on the trot ♥ Charlotte Free’s amazing runway hair – gold leaf!) ♥

Best of the Rest…

Just a quickie post today to remind you that I, alongside a number of other wedding bloggers, will be at the Designer Vintage Bridal Show in Birmingham (UK) on Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th October. I’ve got a few little treats planned and I’m even bringing Gareth & Roo along for this one. We’ll be like one big Rock n Roll Bride family!

I have to say the exhibitor list is immense and so many of my favourite suppliers are going to be there. I’m super excited! Some of the other exhibitors this year include Rachel Simpson ShoesThe Wedding ClubEmma Case Photography, Lucy Ledger Designs, Dottie Creations, Charlotte Casadejus, Magpie Vintage, Tobi Hannah, AVA Event Styling and Vintage Frocks ‘n’ Crocks.

In fact so immense that the show has had to be moved to a bigger and better venue to hold all these fabulous suppliers! The show will now be held at The Edgbaston County Cricket Ground, just a few minutes down the road from the original venue. Although this new venue looks contemporary from the outside, there is a whole team of amazing suppliers on board to dress up the rooms in a true vintage/Rock n Roll style. In fact I can’t wait to see what they do with it…I know it’s going to be super inspiring to see what can be done to a blank canvas type of space like this. Continue reading

A Sunday Kind of Love – Giant Hats & Flowers in Jalouse Magazine

I can’t put my finger on why exactly, but this week I’ve been feeling really vulnerable. Rather self-deprecating and blue.

The only reason I can think of is because after a whirlwind three weeks this week has been a slower one – one to sort out and catch up with everything before the madness starts again (seriously my diary over the next few months made me want to cry its so ram-packed.)

However having a week like this has forced me really focus my energy onto this week’s Love List. I’ll be honest, it’s been quite hard to compose this list, and if it wasn’t for you lot reading it I may have just skipped it all together. But you know what, writing stuff down really has made me realise that my life really ain’t that bad if I can be greatful for kitty snuggles. So thank you to each an every one of you. Thank you for reading and thank you for always pushing me to be better…

Now snap out of it Williams!

This Week’s Love List…

♥ getting back on track ♥ reflections ♥ working upstairs ♥ needy kittens and extra long lap snoozes ♥ home cooked food ♥ Hendricks and cucumber ♥ British television ♥ first drafts of projects that I flipping can’t wait to be complete – excitement overload! ♥ coming up with ideas and wondering if I’ll actually do them… ♥ new hair plans ♥ OPI sparkle and crackle nail polish! ♥ wishing I bought more OPI sparkle and crackle nail polish when in America ♥ ‘mark all as read’ ♥ my own bed ♥ that first cup of coffee in the morning ♥ freshly dyed hair ♥ “A pair of great shoes means nothing if you have an ugly heart” via Gala Darling ♥ partying on Brighton Pier ♥

Best of the Rest…

Just dying over this editorial from French magazine, Jalouse  (June/July 2011.) Model Charlotte Free has just dyed her hair purple but I personally love the pink way more. You?

I need a giant hat with flowers on stat.

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