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A Sunday Kind of Love: Life is Beautiful

Oh it’s all too easy to focus on the bad things that happen to us and ignore (or more likely not notice) all the simple and beautiful things around us. Which is why I’m thrilled that Charis has started a cute new blog to celebrate all things beautiful.

I was thrilled when she asked me if I’d like to take part (you can see my entry here) and you can too! “To me, this concept is a simple gallery of positivity”, Charis writes. “Life is Beautiful. There is so much beauty in life and so much joy to be had and shared. This blog is just that. A place to share your beautiful life. What makes you smile? What lifts your spirits? What makes you stop and be glad you’re alive? Please share you beautiful life with us.”

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A Sunday Kind of Love: Happy Father’s Day

Well I couldn’t let today pass without a nod to those Daddy’s of ours could I? And as I’m a terrible daughter who didn’t so much as get her Dad a card (I know, I know…but I did give him a bottle of absinthe from Prague so I hope I’m forgiven) I thought today I’d use the blog to celebrate all Dad’s everywhere…

Me & my Dad on my wedding day (er… how young do I look!?) in 2008

I love my Dad because we have the same sense of humour, that he always has wine in the house and that he secretly reads my blog and keeps up to date with what I’m doing on facebook.

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A Sunday Kind of Love: Tie the Knot with Topshop & Richard Nicoll

You may have heard this news already, but just in case you’ve been living in a bubble, listen up! Topshop are releasing small capsule collection (7 dresses in total) of bridal wear this month!

Now like probably every twenty-something Brit I’m a huge Topshop fanatic, and I love the thought of them doing bridal wear, but in seeing these dresses I’m left more than a little deflated. They are beautiful, yes, but unless you’re a teeny tiny slip of a girl, I highly doubt these are going to be for you. They are a bit…erm….flimsy no?

Topshop say, “The world of fashion woke up to some very exciting news this morning, as the first pictures of the Richard Nicoll for Topshop bridal collection were revealed! As you would expect from one of the most elegant designers working right now, the dresses that Richard has created for Topshop are super contemporary and the antithesis of traditional frou-frou gowns. Beautiful lace shift dresses in blush pink and pure white compliment a floor length gown with a silk bodice, gentle peplum and sheer georgette underskirt. Every dress has a little bit of London cool – as Richard himself says, ‘these pieces are perfect as party dresses too if you’re not the marrying kind’.”

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A Sunday Kind of Love: Getting Back to Reality

After the whirlwind of the past fortnight, this week has been a bit of a… OK not ‘downer’ as such… but just, you know, a very normal one. Getting back from a long trip away invariably means that you have a mountain of work to climb when you return (and emails ahhh so many emails!) so in all honestly I haven’t done much except playing hostage to my computer and make grilled cheese sandwiches for tea (domestic goddess? oh yes!)

This week may not have been a red letter one, but it’s still important to see the small things that are there to make us smile…

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