A Sunday Kind of Love – BerinMade Print Giveaway

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I’ve got an extra special Sunday Kind of Lovin‘ on the blog for you today in the form of a bonus giveaway! When illustrator and designer Erin of BerinMade emailed me this week to share some of her new designs, I was instantly smitten with them – especially her “I want to licorice you” design – it’s so cute!

Erin has very kindly donated 3 A4 sized ‘licorice’ prints + 3 hand lettered valentine’s day cards for me to give away to 3 very lucky readers! All you have to do to enter is go check out the brand new BerinMade etsy shop and comment below saying why you love/deserve/want a couple of her gorgeous designs to adorn your walls.

The 3 winners will be chosen at random and must reside in the UK. Each winner will win both an “I want to licorice you” plus a hand-lettered valentine’s day card. You have until Wednesday 19th Jan 2011 to enter and winners will be announced on the blog in next week’s Thursday Treats post.

*This is NOT a Sponsored post – I just love!

This contest is now closed


  1. I am afraid I am going to have agree with you on this one Kat!!!

    I ‘heart’ the I Want To Licorice You Print and because I ate so many before the birth of my first baby I think I deserve it don’t you??!!!!

    Please let me win ………….. xxxx

  2. I really like her love never fails art!
    I would love to win this beautiful piece of art I moved in with the boy and can’t really afford to decorate so a little bit of something so lovely on the wall would stop it feeling like I live in a boys room. That and Valentines always seems to pass us by not high on the priority of things the funds should go on so the card would be helpful in making me take note of Valentines.

  3. Ahhh I have the most perfect spot in my hallway waiting for a print like this! Art and sweets the perfect combo!

  4. Charlotte

    So pretty! Who doesn’t love tasty treats on their wall?! I’d love to win the Licorice one as I’m doing a sweetie table at my wedding in July and that would look perfect in a frame on the table! Just looked at Erin’s Etsy shop – the dog cards are so sweet 🙂

  5. Laura

    I would love to win one of these! They’re so cute and I’m longing for something to brighten up my brand new bedroom!

  6. I’d love to win this as my boyfriend (and hopefully, soon to be fiancée!) loves liquorice more than anything.

    When we first started seeing each other he drunkenly text me on a night out with the boys to tell me his “favourite things ever” were “1 – liquorice, 2- you. But that could change”

    So cute! This would be the cutest little valentines gift for him! 🙂

  7. I deserve ‘I Want To Licorice You’ because my Marvellous Mister is a sucker for it. Any time I want to put a big smile on his face I get him licorice.

    That and planning a black+rainbow colour themed wedding is hard work. Can’t get a damn thing off the peg! I need something to cheer me up.


  8. Mmmm, I really deserve one of the ‘I want to licorice you’ prints as they will be perfect for our sweetie bar at our wedding, and lovely on the spare room wall after the wedding, ohso versatile!

  9. Oh! These are just so sweet (pardon the pun!) My boy doesn’t allow me to put anything on the wall, but I’m sure these would change his mind!

  10. J. Drysdale

    Pick me!
    LOVE LOVE LOVE this gorgeous “I want to licorice you” print.
    My husband and I will be celebrating our first Valentine’s day as a married couple this February.
    Last year when he broke his knee cap one of the things that really cheered him up were these licorice sweets.
    Have THE perfect spot for this in our bedroom.
    Thanks for posting a link to BerinMade’s Etsy shop – such cute cards!
    Love your website still (even though I’m already married). My friends that are getting married this summer and I always look through it for inspiration.
    Cheers. xx

  11. Jade

    I would LOVE this print to give to my fiancé of 18 hours to say thankyou for an epic proposal, involving a pug wearing a flashing bow tie and a ribbon with my ring on it 🙂 He is awesome, and so is that print!xx

  12. Steph

    I love the prints and the etsy store is equally lovely! It would be great to win the print and valentines card as I’ve been a bit of a bridezilla to my fiancé lately and it would a nice way of making it up to him over Valentines day.

  13. Libby

    I completely love these prints and I think I deserve a design to adorn my wall because it will draw the attention away from my fiances batchelor pad era film posters that I have been unable to encourage him to ditch!

  14. Thank you for featuring this! I went immediately to BerinMade’s Etsy shop and bought the “I want to Licorice you” print. Couldn’t have waited one second more… LOVE!!!

  15. Mia

    Gorgeous! Thanks so much for this post, seriously want to get some of BerinMade’s stuff now, but somewhat broke due to wedding saving! I’ve been into typography for ages and looking for something like this as we decorated the living room last year but STILL haven’t gotten around to putting any pictures up yet due to all our money going into the ‘wedding fund’ 🙂

    Anyway love love love them and of course rock n roll bride, you are increasingly being a hug influence on my wedding!!

    x x x

  16. wow i think i might actually order the love never fails posters!! Such a good price! I’m hopefully (fingers crossed, in fact, everything crossed!!) going to uni next year, and I really want something to take with me and decorate the walls!!! These are so perfect xxx

  17. hey everyone! thanks for all your kind words. you are all so super sweet, and have made my day ridiculously great. thanks kat for featuring this today!

    i’ll leave it to kat to choose the lucky winners. 🙂
    i’m super excited now that berinmade has open its virtual doors. in the coming months i’m going to add some customisable wedding products to the shop, so check back!!

    angie, thanks for your purchase and support. the print is dispatching first thing tomorrow, and i’m going to through in a few goodies for you!
    and congrats jade!

    lots of love to everyone! xxx

  18. Lou

    What beautifully, pretty , gorgeously wonderful treats these are! One would look lovely in the bedroom or bathroom, I also love licorice very much 🙂 licorice is such a lovely word…
    fingers crossed . xxxxxx

  19. Amy

    This lady & her artwork are fab! The ‘love never fails’ art work is just gorgeous & may need to come & live at our house! My other half is a lover of anything orange & this would be no exception. This is just perfect! It’d actually fit in perfectly with the colourful theme of our wedding (orange, pink & purple!). In fact, it’d be a perfect print to be the cover of our wedding day message book which can then sit in proud place on our coffee table to make us smile even more than we usually do 🙂

  20. aw i absolutely love these. i don’t enter into too many giveaways so this must show how much i like these prints;) the licorice one is too adorable. this is my first vday without my fiance and i know it’ll be tough. maybe this will make it more bearable!:) thanks love!

  21. Lou Liddy

    I don’t think I deserve it anymore than anyone else on here, but just wanted to say that I think they are GORGEOUS and love them alot!

    I love the “love never fails” poster – I need that in my kitchen!!


  22. aw! i have never commented on the blog before because i read it on googlereader, but i had to comment here. i’m applying to study illustration at uni this september and i absolutely adore cute works like these – it’s why i want to study illustration rather than fine art! (: i love love love the licorice poster but i also think the ‘love never fails’ poster would be a good reminder for me sometimes because it’s hard times with the boyf atm. =/

    anyway, back to the point.

    i love your blog. xxx

  23. Stacey

    Love the designs and would be so made up if I won one, but if not i’m defo going to buy them they are gorgeous! xx

  24. Lauren

    These designs are so pretty and quirky! I love the “love never fails” prints on the etsy store. As for why I think I should win… Well, a) I’m a sweetie monster, so anything with sweets on it must have been made for me, and b) the boyf and I celebrate our anniversary on feb 21st, so valentine’s day always gets a bit forgotten. I’d like to remedy that with one of these beautiful cards!

  25. Yat

    Loving the design style of BerinMade. My other half has always wanted some prints on the wall but we’ve never had the guts to pick something. I guess its because it would say so much about the people that live in the house. I would love to present this to him as a wedding gift as the first (and hopefully of many) art piccies to put up as newlyweds. What a great start that would be! Something that shows we’re SO into each other we would want to put it on the wall for everyone to see!

  26. Lauren

    I would love love love to have any of her prints or cards! The licorice print is so cute (and, as an American living in the UK, I also like that it is the American spelling).

  27. Love!
    Licorice is one of my fiance’s fave things (and I’m quite partial to a bit myself).
    What a lovely prezzie it would make for him to say thank you for the most romantic proposal – in a candle-lit yurt in the snowy Scottish highlands – last week!
    Plus we have just embarked on a collection of original prints and lovely things to feature at our wedding next year, this would be perfect.
    Natalie x
    btw Absolutely LOVE your blog – have been browsing for ages and now am so excited to get to legitimately look at stuff for my own wedding now! Already have our hearts set on a photographer we’ve seen on here. x

  28. Anna-Maria

    I would love one of the valentine’s day prints as wedding miseries venue cancelling, photographers cancelling…) have left me a bit disillusioned with love. Plus Valentine is my middle name!

  29. Tracy M

    I would so love this poster because my dad owns an old fashioned sweetie shop and still uses scales to weigh out all the sweets from jars. If this was up in my kitchen it would remind me of him and make me smile – puns are my favourite!

    PS those dog cards rock. 🙂

  30. I love this… And I work at a recording studio done in girly colours- possibly the first of its kind- and this print would go beautifully in our live room to inspire our wonderful musicians xxx

  31. MahalKita


    Would love the pretty sweets for my walls as I’ve just moved to a new city here in Uk, far away from my beloved, so trying to plan a wedding and do long-distance for the foreseeable future… Licorice print would indeed bring some much needed cheer round here!

    Brilliant site Kat, it’s keeping me sane!xx


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