A Sunday Kind of Love – The Any Campaign

Photography Credit: Shelley Paulson Photography

When we were planning our wedding it came as a huge surprise to me to discover that in this country there are very strict rules about when and where you can tie the knot.

“Open air weddings are not permitted in England and Wales. The law states that a marriage ceremony venue must have a roof, be moored to its foundations, and licensed by the local registrar and that the ceremony must take place between 8am and 6pm.”

Photography Credit: Katherine O’Brien 

Could you imagine if this was the law in The States?! All these beautiful outdoor weddings would have never happened!

The Any Campaign is a fantastic cause, a postive result of which could change British weddings forever. So please please take 2 seconds to sign this petition. The goal is to get 1000 British ‘signatures’ and if they do, you never know, they may be well on the way to change this old fashioned and out-dated English law!

Photography Credit: Steep Street

You can see all of my favourite outdoor weddings right here. Inspirational!


  1. Pie

    You can get married outdoors in Scotland. I went to a wedding in Scotland that was in someone’s back garden. It seems silly to have disparity across the UK.

  2. I didn’t even know this was the law!! Seems really outdated to me seeing as we’ve advance enough to allow same sex marriages (and rightly so) I’m getting wed outdoors in New York and it never even occurred to me I couldn’t have done the same in Britain even if I had wanted to. I’ve signed the petition!


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