A Sunday Kind of Love – WIN Tickets to Mark Niemierko’s Valentine’s Party at Browns Bride!

This contest is now closeed

This week I was lucky enough to meet the legendary wedding planner Mark Niemierko. I’m not going to lie, I was nervous about meeting him as I really didn’t know what to expect… or why a celebrity/high end wedding planner would want to meet me. However I’m pleased to report back that we got on like a house on fire! I seriously love this dude. He may be the planner du jour to the stars and I may be the punk rock chick with funny coloured hair and one to many tattoos, but over a couple of Cosmopolitans and a lot of gossip, I realised we’re very very similar indeed! I have since decided that we are best friends…and yes I do mean this in a stalkery kind of way.

Every year Mark hosts an exclusive Valentine’s Party, and this years celebration is to be held THIS TUESDAY (8th February) at Browns Bride, London. I’ll be there (what more could you want!?) as will a whole host of the most exciting and influential wedding industry glitterati (I’ve also heard on good authority that mark will be sporting something velvet. Ooh lala.)

This is a strictly invite only event.

Mark Niemierko in collaboration with Browns Bride and Rock n Roll Bride would like to offer one lucky reader, two tickets for the party of the season. All you have to do to enter is comment below and let us know why you’d like to come. This contest is open to all readers of Rock n Roll Bride – brides to be, photographers, other industry professionals, general wedding obsessives – so get entering!

As the party is in just two days time you must be quick! This contest closes tomorrow (Monday 7th) at midnight and the winner will be announced on the blog tuesday at 9am!

The winner will be chosen by Rock n Roll Bride & Mark Niemierko. Judges decision is final.
The prize includes two tickets to the Valentine’s Party at Browns Bride, London. Winners must organise their own transport and accommodation if needed.
Winners will be notified by email on Tuesday morning. If you enter, please check your email early so I can get you & your guest’s full names added to the guest list of the party right away! This is an exclusive, invite only event.

I hope to see some of you there! And don’t forget, if you can’t make this party, be sure to sign up for the Rock n Roll Party of the year! You have until next Sunday (13th February) to do so and the lucky 200 who have secured an invite will be announced on the blog over the next few weeks.


  1. Olivier and I would love to come! Why?! Easy! It would be fabulous to meet you and Mark and celebrate love and all things wedding with some great people – what more reason do we need 😉 !! Sangeeta xx

  2. Tanya du Plessis

    As a new and small wedding events styling company, RedLovesPink Events – we would love to come along to meet you and Mark and be inspired really – what an honour it would be!

  3. I could not think of a better place to be Tuesday night, rubbing shoulders with the creme-de-la-creme of the wedding industry at Browns Brides would be the highlight of my year to date! I would be in PR heaven – could you imagine the live twitter updates, the video blog the next day and the Facebook photos to share with those that couldnt be there!

  4. Gone are the days of pink* and red**, I’d rather be dead
    Now the gossip at the party is……..
    Pink, Red and a Queen***, that is where I want to be seen!

    * Kat
    ** Ruby
    *** Mark

  5. As a partner in a new bridal company – soon to launch, what a joy it would be to raise a glass with the Wedding Glitteratti. I’d also like to have a ‘Valentine hair-off’ with Kat. Her hot pink locks v my fiery red crop with darling Mark as our Cupid judge. If I’m not the chosen one, I hope you guys have a ball. Xxx

    If I’m not the chosen one I hope you guys have a ball. X

  6. Helen

    This for me is Wedding week! I get married next weekend at the gorgeous Coworth Park. What better way to kick it off than drinks at the beautiful browns brides! I’m just round the corner and I don’t need an excuse to pop round to their shop to see how my gorgeous dress is doing xxx

  7. OMG! The pink princess Kat plus the wedding wonder Marc Niemierko at a fashionista’s bridal boutique of choice… that would be dying and landing in Wedding Heaven!!
    As an industry newbie blogging about bridal fashion I would seriously be pinching myself in your presence.

    If it’s not me, have a merri ‘ol time x

  8. Tammy

    I would love to attend this event! I’ve been planning my wedding for 2 years now, only 7 months or rather 201 days to go!!!!

  9. When Niemierko posted a photo on facebook of the invites going out, I actually let out a little wistful sigh 🙂 For as long as I’ve been photographing weddings, I’ve been following Niemierko’s work; pure classy, wedding-candy wonderful-ness from a different era… And thanks to a few inspiring and talented people who love what they do, Mark being one, I now love the ‘whole of weddings’ and not just the capturing of them. It’d be a real delight to be there 🙂

  10. Emma

    I would love to go to Mark Niemierkos Valentines Ball on Tuesday because I just can’t think of anything better than having the opportunity to meet not one but TWO of the wedding industries favourite people – The man himself Mr Mark Niemierko and Kat ‘RocknRoll Bride’ Williams!

    I would happily forgo my weekly fix of ‘My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding’ in exchange for a ticket – ‘My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding’ I can watch on 4OD but there’s no way I could ever get a repeat oportunity to attend THE party of year so far!

    If I’m not lucky enough to win then I hope whoever does has a lovely time and takes loads of pictures for the rest of us to see!!


  11. I would LOVE to go, I have been with the boyfriend for just over seven years and keep on hinting on making it official but its falling on deaf ears!
    This event would be so stunningly beautiful it would give me the best opportunity to have a romantic evening with him.
    I have already booked time off work but this would be alot better than what we have planned at the mo! (sitting in the house)

    I design Bridal and Bespoke Headwear and also think he could help me network (he is gorgeous which I think would help)
    If I don’t win – have a fantastic time – I look forward to seeing some pics from the night! XxX

  12. Kit healey

    Hi! I would love to bag a ticket to this uber cool do as I am still in the wedding bubble as a bride of 4 months and also I work as a long haul air hosstesd and meet eager brides to be who want all the info I have on offer which they need to discuss for at least two hours in the middle of a night flight! So, let me come and I can absorb or the new ideas and what’s hot and pass it all on to those waiting flying brides-to-be!

  13. Sara Lim

    It’s a Valentine’s and I don’t have anyone to celebrate with. I’m going to be alone at home, researching cakes and caterers.. Please give me something better to look forward to! Plus, Being in the presence of Mark Niemierko should be enough a reason to want to go! *fangirls*

  14. Sarah-Lea

    When I saw this competition advertised I actually let out a squeal of excitement!
    I follow Rockn’Roll Bride religiously, and I think Mark (and his bowties) are fantastic, so please pick me!

  15. This is just up my street! I would love love love to be there. This is a huge opportunity for a photographers such as myself to meet the cream of the crop within the wedding industry. I would be happy to do a few Behind The Scenes shots too for the report back post here. I have all my fingers and toes crossed 🙂

  16. Kat and Mark,

    May I be so bold as to throw my name into a hat for this event?

    Over the course of my engagement to the Marvellous Mister, I have watched Father of the Bride, The Wedding Singer, 27 Dresses, The Wedding Planner, Bride Wars, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, My Best Friend’s Wedding, Muriel’s Wedding, Runaway Bride, Four Weddings and a Funeral and Rachel Getting Married.

    This is possibly not the most productive type of research I could have done.

    Please show me that real life is not like any of these films?

    With warmest regards,


  17. As a wedding photographer and mostly as a vintage bride to be, I would love to be there to get your help and some wonderful ideas to help plan my vintage wedding <3 <3

  18. “My Ode to Mark and Kat” ……….

    In true poetic ‘Valentine’ fashion,
    And sharing the same wedding passion,
    A liason with a ‘Rock’n’Roll’ chick,
    And a guy, Mark, who is so obviously slick,
    I welcome with all my heart,
    An invitation to be part,
    Of this so to be, glamorous affair,
    At the prestigious venue of ‘Browns’ in Mayfair.

    For us there is only one chance,
    To be part of this evening filled with glitz and elegance.
    I have tried so hard in the past,
    Please give me the chance to meet with you atlast!

  19. Katy

    Kat & Mark

    Well aren’t you two just awesome! With all the lovely replies this will obviously be a hard decision to make but I would like to put my hand up as well (*waves from the back*).

    Yes, I am starting a new business and yes this would be an incredible way of injecting a little magic into the beginning of a very long process but really, it all comes down to just how much I think you two rock.

    To meet you and see a little bit of your world would be simply brilliant. You both inspire me and even if I can’t go, that won’t change any time soon. Huge, massive thanks and hugs for offering this opportunity to us and fingers crossed it is me 🙂

    Katy x

  20. Charlotte

    Wah! As a soon-to-be bride I would LOVE to come along to lap up the unprecedented levels of inspiration, pick up as many of the “here’s how you look faaaaabulous” tips as possible and generally pretend to be a glamazon for the night. Oh and the idea of being able to do this while enjoy the wedding-industry party to end all parties, sipping a Hendricks and tonic (I’m a BIG fan of the ol’ mothers ruin…) would almost be too good.

    The whole night just sounds amazing and I’d love the chance to scamper along, but if it’s someone else’s chance, hope y’all have an IMMENSE time XX

  21. Wow this seems like an awesome bundle of fun! Have been following your work for a while now, and am filled with inspiration every time I log on.

    Being a creative student, planning my wedding and working two jobs doesn’t allow for a lot of party time, so I would really appreciate you guys’ company on Tuesday night!

    A chance to be at the party, and chill out with the coolest of cool within the industry would be sweet. To party amongst creative minds and be surrounded by wedding inspiration is just my cup of tea!

    If I did come along, please excuse any initial dribbles of awe…I’ll snap out of it eventually, I promise. If I don’t see you guys there, have a wicked night!!

  22. Angel Grant

    I would lurve to come and mingle with the fabulous folk and it would be a great treat for my gorgeous bestie who is getting married next year and needs lots of hints and tips on who to use, what to wear etc etc.

    Please please with a big glittery cherry on top.


  23. Deborah

    My boyfriend is picking up my engagement ring tomorrow. After budget rows and wrangling over my mum’s ever increasing guest list, coming along to Brown’s Brides to meet Kat and Mark would be the start of of the fun part of wedding planning – THE DRESS! x


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