A Sunday Kind of Love – New York Lovers

I’m hoping to go to NYC this year. I love the city but I’ve only been once, when I was 21, and I think it’s high time I did it again. So when I was sent this gorgeous video by Jonny Draper this week it got me very excited indeed.

Just sit back, relax and soak up the gorgeousness that is NYC…plus the LOVE of Karey & Kate. Huge congrats to the happy couple!

Happy Sunday everyone!

Karey & Kate’s New York Wedding from Jonny Draper on Vimeo.


  1. What a fabulous video JD/Kat. I couldn’t stop smiling throughout. Karey & Kate look so so happy and just gorgeous, and having just returned from NYC 4 days ago, its making me want to go back!! x

  2. Oh, I love New York! This is beautiful, and has made me want to go back even more. Karey & Kate look like they had a fantastic day.

  3. Mary Ann

    What an awsome vidio, we had such a great time, it was great to see it all again. Can’t wait till we all get together again xxoo

  4. Oh how I LOVE NYC, I went a couple of years ago and I’m hoping to go back next year for my 40s and my husbands 30th! great video which really shows of all the fab sights of the city, and some beautiful pictures of the gorgeous couple! Congartulations to both of them! xxxx

  5. Jonny is an ace photographer. We had a great time with him and feel lucky to have had him shoot our big day. Could not be happier with the results and I LOVE the extra footage of NYC he got–especially the B-Boys in the subway.
    By the way, loving this blog. So many cool and creative weddings and fantastic photos.

  6. katie

    This looks amazing Jonny D…now for your next challenge to make Park Lane, Poynton look that cool!! Am thinking we should get some pics in the dark? Karey and Kate both look so happy and relaxed on their big day..getting excited about ours now! x


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