A Sunday Kind of Love – The Kelly Moore Bag

I get very lucky in my job that people send me lots of pretty things to play with. One of my favourites recently has got to be the gorgeous Kelly Moore camera bag that winged it’s way to me last week.

I had been on the hunt for a camera bag but was disappointed to discover that pretty much everything I found was black, dull, boring and UGLY! Well not any more…

Kelly Moore bags are more like gorgeous designer handbags than camera bags (in fact I have been using mine as a handbag when I’ve left my camera at home) and I am definitely proud to have this bag on my arm. I have the ‘Hobo’ design in grey. It’s perfect for me as a beginner as it’s not too big but seasoned pros will utterly love the Classic bag (and the fuchsia version is to die for!)

And you know what else is awesome?…Kelly even designs them for men too!

Huge thanks to Kelly for making me a very very happy newbie photographer (Rachel likes it too by the way…)

*I recieved the gorgeous Kelly Moore Bag as a gift, however this was NOT a sponsored post. Although I often receive little presents from readers and suppliers, sending them does not guarantee a review or write up. Posts like this one are published at my discretion.


  1. Kasia

    OMG, I looked at the photos before reading any of the text and thought, “hey those are weird partitions, in there, I bet they could fit a bottle of booze or something.” Yeah, or something like camera accessories. This is just further proof that planning my wedding has completely warped my mind.

    Cute bag, BTW.

  2. Excellent timing! I’m looking for a new bag and will definitely give Kelly Moore some thought. I was looking at the shootsac, the functionality is the same but different style.

  3. Their Mens Bags are pretty nice too. I was on the fence about getting a ShootSac but I’ll have to think about the Kelly Moore Bag as well. The Kelly Moore bag seems to have a little more space but may not be as comfortable carrying while shooting or changing lenses.


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