A Sunday Kind of Love – Working Together, Rocking Out & Making Love Not War

When you run your own business it’s incredibly easy to become fiercely competitive and secular without even knowing it. I’ve found that especially in the wedding industry there are so many of us trying our hardest to be successful that a lot of the time, it can all get rather bit bitchy and competitive. That sucks.

I’m happy to say that although I’ve had my fair share of niggles with others in the same field as me in the past that I’ve come out the other side and brought a few of my favourite other bloggers (shock horror – shouldn’t they be my competitors!?) along for the Rock n Roll ride. I’m now happy and thrilled to call them my friends and colleagues.

The Photography Parlour does the same thing for photographers here in the UK. In a similar way to other sections of the industry, wedding photographers can often see each other (especially when they work in the same area) as competition. This is why I love The Photography Parlour, a site which brings all these photographers together so they can learn from each other and work together to make something really great.

This particular shoot was set up by some members of The Photography Parlour themselves for those exact reasons. Below is a list of everyone involved with the shoot and all the photographers that took part.

…Oh and quite apart from the reasoning behind this shoot and this post, how damn gorgeous are these images? I am totally swooning over the oh-so-very British setting and quirky and fabulous vintage styling. I approve muchly.

Thanks to Lisa for sharing her set of images from this shoot with us today

You can see the full set of everyone’s images on the shoot’s Flickr Group.

Make Love not War!

Photography Credit: Lisa Brown

Dresses, hats, acessories & shoes:
Yemi Osunkoya of Kosibah Creations
June Victor & David Wightman of Vintage Modes
Rachel Attwell of Luella’s Boudoir 
Umi & Co Vintage at the Beehive
Jemima Williams of Little Red Robin HoodEvent Stylists & Vintage Prop suppliers:
Katie Coakes & Rosie Watson of Roses All Over, Umi & Co Vintage at the Beehive

Umi & Co Vintage at the Beehive
Casbah Records at the Beehive
Meridian Adventure Play centre, Thames Street Greenwich
Old Royal Naval College

Make Up: Juliet Onyeka

Sophia Louise
Cherilyn Leeson
Jemima Williams
Lynsey Wheater

Other photographers involved in the shoot:
Waiman Yau
Marie Man
Claire Bilyard
Adam Hobden
Funmi & Adrian Omotade-Tan
Louisa Coulthurst
Kirsten Mavric
Annelie Eddy


  1. As a newbie wedding blogger – it was so heartening to see your Marie Antoinette shoot on LMD the other day…

    Your blog is your voice and your approach – and just like no two photographers will ever capture the exact same picture, no two blogs should ever be the same…which is I guess why a ‘competitor’ is actually more like a comrade!

    I’m sure it’s your refreshing approach to your business that keeps you relevent and loved…and keeps inspiring people like me.

    So keep up the good work Kat! X

  2. Stunning images! I love the idea too – people coming together to help each other out rather than see each other as competition. I’ve never really understood why blogs get competitive as readers don’t need to pick between them, they can read as many as they like! I’ve seen some of the bitchiness you speak of but am happy to say that all I’ve experienced (so far anyway!) from the blogging and wedding community is loveliness! I love chatting to other creative people and my blog has given me a way to do that. Bigger blogs like yours I admire, I don’t try to beat!

    Great blog Kat and congrats to all involved in this gorgeous shoot! x

  3. It’s good to think of other photographers / bloggers / stationary designers – or whatever it is that you do as well – as your colleagues, instead of your competition.

    Forming good relationships with people is not only good for your social life (I have a vague recollection of dancing with drag queens with Kat and Emma Case one night in Soho!) – but it’s good to have people you can trust to pass work onto and be passed.

    I’ve called my photographer friends when things have gone wrong, and they’ve called me when they’ve needed advice. Doing it and thinking of these people as my competition would be be very miserable indeed!

  4. Post author

    exactly my point! i love my twitter and blog colleagues. id be very lonely indeed at home, working on my blog alone, if it wasnt for you all!

  5. Sandra

    Wow, I just in love with the LP´s store shots! Just great idea, remember Iona´s store (Pretty In Pink)…
    Just lovely!!!

  6. Lisa

    Wow! Still can’t believe my photos are up on the site.
    Thanks to Kat for being so supportive and thank you to everyone involved at The Photography Parlour. The support from Rosie Parsons and the photographers on the shoot itself has been overwhelming.

  7. amy

    I was gutted i missed out on this one, ive now missed 2!!!! Will deff be at the next one 🙂

  8. Great stuff Lisa. Was great to work with you and the other guys. Let’s do it again sometime! Hugest thanks to Funmi for organising… xx


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