A Sunday Kind of Love – Ooh Laa Laa Paris!

Photography Credit: Marianne Taylor Photography

Bonjour mes petits amis!

Tomorrow I am heading over the channel to Paris (!) to embark on the photo shoot to end all photo shoots! This bad boy is seriously going to blow the lid off everything I’ve done before. I am a mixture of excited, elated and seriously nervous but I literally can not wait to stand under The Eiffel Tower and meander down The Champs-Elysées dressed in my finery…oh and what finery it is. I’m not really allowed to tell you anything else about it, but I do believe we’ve got some of the most exciting and well known industry experts and designers on board! You are literally going to die when you see what we’ve got up to.

Because of my mini-adventure, posting will be a bit light over the next few days (I do have a couple of awesome wedding scheduled to keep you going though) and I won’t be replying to emails until I return.

I’ll see you all when I get back mid next week.

Au Revoir!


  1. Talk about leavin’ us hanging… “You are literally going to die when you see what we’ve got up to.” Enjoy your trip Kat, and can’t wait to read all about it on your return 🙂

  2. Post author

    thanks guys ive v excited!
    I’ll prob turn off my internet on my phone cos it will be expensive no? im sure someone im with will have a laptop tho so i’ll be sure to send out some suitably cryptic tweets!


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