A Sunday Kind of Love – Gareth’s Wedding Plans

This is totally sad so you’ll have to forgive me. Also, it’s 6:30am and I’ve been awake for 3 hours. I don’t know why and maybe my mind is going a bit haywire but I just came up with this ridiculous idea for a blog post so I’m going to run with it.

I was watching ‘Don’t Tell the Bride’ with Gareth the other day (for those of you who aren’t in the UK, it’s a TV programme where basically the groom plans the whole wedding – he picks and organises literally everything – the venue, the dress, the flowers, the invitations, the theme – it’s brilliant!)

I bet lots of couples do this as they watch this show, but Gareth & I got chatting about what he’d do if he had to plan our wedding. Now I’ve either subliminally trained him well or he’s been paying close attention to the blog and just not telling me but OMG his ideas were quite frankly awesome. As soon as he said “short vintage dress from Fur Coat No Knickers (yes he named the shop!), mismatched colours, a kind of summer meadow theme” I was sold! So much in fact that I totally want to marry him all over again and have him plan the whole thing.

Anyway…I thought I’d make a little montage of his vision. Can I just make it clear that I am aware, as someone who got married 2 and half years ago, how incredibly sad this is but I kinda wanted to share it all with you. Happy Sunday Lovin’ people!

Credit – Left to Right starting from top left:

Photograph by Aaron Delesie, dress with multi-coloured tulle underskirt by Stephanie James Couture
Vintage dress by Fur Coat No Knickers
Photograph of groom by Daniel Lateulade Photography
Photograph by Christine Chang, bridesmaid dresses by Betsey Johnson (Gareth actually he’d like the bridesmaids in the same dress in different colours but I found it really hard to find a photograph)
All You Need is Love cake by choccywoccydoodah
Photograph of birdcage veil by Joshua Caine
Centrepiece ideas (L-R) photograph by Tiffany Mumford, photograph by Our Labor of Love, photograph by Simply Bloom Photography

How do you think your other half would plan your wedding if you let him? Why not send me your groom’s ideas!?


  1. cher

    aww dude this is awesome! I love dont tell the bride, also, its not sad to dream about this stuff just because you are married already! Gareth totally rocked this idea though, you should totally do it as a photoshoot!! x

  2. Post author

    haha I know emma! i think i may well talk about youre gorgeous dresses too much hehe.
    Cher – love the photo shoot idea!

  3. hee hee. Me and Ian have played this game lots… he even mentioned it in his speech (well kind of) he said it would have been an 80s/90s stylee wedding extravaganza – but not in a cool way!

    Looks like Gareth has good taste though


  4. Jenni

    Kat, you are so lucky. Unfortunately for me, my boyfriend would say things like this… “ten minute ceremony, fish and chips and then home to make it official”.
    Who says romance is dead? (luckily, do think he is joking, most of the time)

    And am loving Fur Coat No Knickers, am definitely going to get my dress there. Not that we’re engaged yet but doesnt hurt to dream!!!

  5. I remember having this conversation with you the other day! I went home and asked my partner what he would do to organise our BIG day.

    He said “I wouldn’t know where to start – you are the wedding planner after all!” but then added “so long as I marry you all of the other stuff is just decoration” – bless him!!!

  6. joey

    Oh, don’t be sad 🙂 Like Supr Glossy Sarah said, you can use Gareth’s ideas for a future vow renewal/___ anniversary celebration! It just goes to show that you two are an awesome couple together. Love the mismatched colors idea – we’re doing that for our Oct. ’10 wedding. None of our so-called wedding stationery matches. My bridesmaids have the same black dress only because they both loved it but they will have different colored feather/crystal bouquets & hair accessories. Our reception doesn’t have a theme other than it’s all the things we love: lots of color (cobalt blue, turquoise, chartreuse, fuchsia), music, golf, guitars (he’s a singer/songwriter), and the people we love.

  7. Bless his heart, set yourself a date to renew then, my hubz and me are doing at our 10th and I have a way better vision now than when I got married 6 years ago.

    Gareth from the looks of it is very creative, and his vision rocks !

  8. From one guy to another & with all of the machismo in the world-I say THANK YOU Gareth! It’s fantastic to see a guy with such a phenomenal eye:)


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