A Sunday Kind of Love – The New Vivienne Westwood/Melissa Shoe Range

Anyone that knows me at all, will be well aware that I’m having a bit of a love affair with Vivienne Westwood…it’s more of a lifetime commitment actually, but when she launches new ranges like this my love is rekindled just a little bit more!

Skulls and bows! Talk about made for Rock n Roll Brides!

This week I was casually browsing the online store when I saw these babies. Oh My Lord. A new Vivienne/Melissa shoe range? Be still my beating heart! They are not available until the end of November (mean teases!) but I think I know what’s going to be on my Christmas list this year…

Yes, they are even available in Rock n Roll pink!

As we all know, the original heart shoes have been more than ridiculously popular with Rock n Roll Bride’s all over the world (so much so that I’ve given them their own tag in my archives!) but methinks that these new styles will be just as popular for you lucky 2011 brides.

Gold hearts! How cute!?

The complete Vivienne Westwood/Melissa shoe range can be found right here

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  1. I was going to get the heart ones for my wedding next year, but now you’ve presented me with a real dilemma! Are they comfy? Bit worried that the plastic-y feel will blister my feet!

  2. Tegan

    I just ordered a pair of the black skull ones for my wedding next May and literally let out a “squeeeee!!!” of excitement when the transaction went through! 😀

    As I have big feet I clearly HAD to order a different pair of VW Melissa shoes to make sure they would fit! That’s my excuse to my fiance anyway! 😉


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