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Covid-19 Protest Meets Rock Concert Wedding in Israel


Alon Gruber

October 20, 2020

Alva met Shay while she was living in Amsterdam and he had travelled over from Israel for the Amsterdam Tattoo convention. Although they lived in different countries, they kept in touch afterwards and became great friends. A few months later Alva moved to Isreal to be with him and start their lives together. Four years later they had their first child, Neo, and six years after they met they were married.

Scottish, Autumnal Medieval Church Wedding with Gothic Touches

Sophie Cooke

John Elphinstone Stirling

October 15, 2020

When it came to choosing a venue for their October wedding, there was only one place in contention - Cottiers Theatre in Glasgow. “The venue really set the tone for our wedding,” Becky explained. “It’s a stunning old church in the West End of Glasgow, which is now a restaurant and theatre. I was the last baby to be christened there when it was a church so to us if felt like a no brainer that that is where we should get married.” It’s beautiful gothic setting with medieval vibes suited the couple - as lovers of autumn, they wanted an October wedding to make the most of the beautiful crisp nights that Glasgow has to offer and their children are Halloween obsessed, so they let all the kids change into fancy dress for the reception.

Til Death Do Us Part: Occult & Tarot Themed New Orleans Wedding


Dark Roux

June 4, 2020

Renee and Richie love candles but aren't big fans of flowers, so they decided to not have any at their November wedding. Instead they incorporated fog machines, smoke bombs and candles to create a spooky ambience on the day. The bridesmaids carried incense burners, and as the couple walked up the aisle to be wed, they lit candles held by their guests to guide them. They were also heavily inspired tarot cards, incorporating them in the invitations, signs and centrepieces at the reception.