Til Death Do Us Part: How to Throw a Gorgeously Gothic Wedding

Electric Sugar Elopements

October 5, 2022

From Christine Quinn’s showstopping black Galia Lahav wedding dress to Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker tying the knot in their own pop-punk inspired way, alternative and gothic leaning weddings are certainly getting a lot more attention by the mainstream press these days.

If you’re reading this website then it is quite likely that you’ve been planning your own alt-wedding day long before it was considered ‘cool’ but if you still need a little guidance, event planner and founder of Electric Sugar Elopements, McKenzi Taylor, is here to share with us some of the main things you might want to consider.


It’s a misconception that goth equates to anger or sin. Instead, it’s about finding beauty even in darkness, which makes its symbolism perfect for a wedding.

The colour palette of a gothic ceremony is dark and moody with shades of blood red, deep berry, jewel tones and black.

Consider elevating the space by sourcing opulent items that represent the fantasy of a dark-themed fairytale. Think Tim Burton as wedding designer. 

You might consider peacock or crow feathers, or anything made with ornate metals and heavier fabrics, like velvet. Also consider fruits, taxidermy, skulls and antique or steampunk pieces (inspired by Victorian-era industrialism).

For a moody, romantic feel to your reception table, add candelabras with melted candles lending a “visit to Dracula’s castle” vibe. Remember, it’s not a goth wedding if the drama is missing.


Flowers are an integral part of a wedding. Not only do they smell great and look beautiful, but they also help carry out a theme.

Roses, dark calla lilies or a simple Protea can make a dramatic statement, plus they give a good bang for the buck. Bouquet shapes should be cascading, not round, and accents of dried grasses and leaves work well. 


We love romantic, haunting piano music — or even better cello music — for the walk down the aisle. But there’s also a cool dichotomy to having opera singers or even a gospel choir at a gothic ceremony.


Finding the perfect wedding venue is not easy. Consider Victorian gardens, dimly-lit mansions or even old industrial spaces.

Think about the feeling you’re going for. Is it a dreamy fairy tale or more of a post-apocalyptic feel? Is it tribal-goth or cyber-goth?


Couples who lean toward the feminine are saying “I don’t” to white princess wedding dresses in favour of attire that better expresses their personal style and character.

While most goth brides wear black, you’re certainly not limited to that. Pastel goth does exist, and Dita Von Teese wore a stunning violet dress to her nuptials. The fabric and silhouette are what matter most, so opt for garments made of luxury materials, like velvet, silk, lace and anything with boning or a corset. And why not accessorize with a floral crown or crystal headpiece, matte black nails and smoky eye makeup?

For those who lean toward more masculine clothing, waistcoats, tailcoats and cloaks give off dark fairy tale vibes and patterned fabrics create an aristocratic goth feel, like classy vampires of the southern states.

Each detail in an outfit expresses one’s personality, and every accessory makes a statement. Ultimately, it’s less about the suit style and more about how it is accessorized. Studs and spikes are always a win, along with faux animal leathers and boots.

For visual consistency, you could even ask your guests to wear black. 

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