Gothic Glamour Vegas Elopement With a Touch of Old Hollywood Charm

Jamie Y Photography

February 15, 2022

Elopement guarantees you can do things your own way, with no pressure from anyone. Having hosted many family holiday gatherings, Shannon and Nina knew that for this celebration, they needed to escape, just the two of them. Shannon explained, “There’s something so rock n roll rebellious about running off to Vegas!”

Obsessed with all things Halloween as well as metal music, the couple got married in October, choosing The Neon Museum in Las Vegas, with a vibe to suit their style. “The neon museum gave a post-apocalyptic, yet glamourous rocker or old Hollywood movie star vibe! A very fitting reminder that as chaotic as the world and life may become, we will always have each other and will always make the best of it together,” Shannon told us. 

Their ceremony was focused on their commitment to supporting each other’s growth, however the couple couldn’t decide who was going to give their vows first, so a classic game of rock, paper, scissors made the decision for them. Shannon explained, “We loved how this small game represented our sense of humour and equal partnership.” Nina’s vows included a surprise for Shannon. After joking about the ‘rocks’ (crystals) that she hides around the house, Shannon told us “Nina pulled from her pocket several crystals, each one symbolising a different quality that each of us will bring to our marriage to make it well-rounded and strong. The cherry on top was that the venue manager happened to be carrying a crystal with her and gave it to us a gift following the ceremony.”

Although it was the biggest expense in their $15,000 budget, photography and videography were the most important elements to get right. “Capturing the day with talented professionals who we selected and that understood the vision made us feel so seen and provided such incredible memories to share with family and friends (especially seeing as we did not have guests).  Having THE picture and not just A picture made it feel that much more like a memory of a lifetime.”

An elopement is not for everyone, but as the couple explained, “Although we love attending weddings, it was very special and intimate to just have the two of us there and ultimately, we were able to spend that wedding budget on an epic honeymoon vacation of a lifetime—a week in Las Vegas and a week in Hawaii!  Well worth it and zero regrets. The best part was being able to plan our wedding on our terms, with what felt most authentic, inspiring and like a true celebration for us and no one else.”