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Black Wedding Dress

Intimate Las Vegas Wedding with a Black Dress & Neon Green Veil!


Jamie Dawn

March 27, 2019

Christine and Eddie's elopement is like a lot of the Vegas weddings we feature in so much as they had a quickie quickie chapel ceremony and spent the afternoon waltzing around the city taking fabulous photos. The thing that really made their day stand out to us though was Christine's INCREDIBLE one-of-a-kind outfit, it's not every day we see a bride rocking a (home made!) neon green veil!

Breathtaking Enchanted Forest Themed Wedding with Skulls, Dinosaurs & Apothecary Vibes

Sophie Cooke

Danny Birrell

March 17, 2019

You are going to LOVE this wedding, we just know it! Just you wait til you get a load of all the decorations...! The inspiration for the styling of Hollie and Dan’s big day all stemmed from Hollie’s MBD Bridal dress. “I’ve always been a bit of a goth girl at heart,” Hollie explained, “so I wanted our day to feel dark and dramatic but still be romantic and beautiful.”

Lovecats: A Crazy Cat Themed Wedding

Sophie Cooke


December 17, 2018

There was one overriding theme for George and Jordanna’s big day - you’ve got three guesses for what it could possibly be! “We were inspired by reading the blogs of other couples on Rock n Roll Bride and how they did exactly what they wanted,” explained Jordanna. “We wanted our day to reflect our love for each other, and our other true loves; our cats Conker and Boots! However it was important to us for it not to be tacky; we wanted it to be in a sophisticated and at times, humorous way.”