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Haunted Hearts: A Wednesday Addams Inspired Editorial for Rock n Roll Bride Magazine


Wijas Patty

November 9, 2023

It wouldn’t have been a spooky themed issue without a suitably gothic editorial. For our cover shoot in our Sept/Oct edition, we used two models so we could show both the light and dark side – and we think the interplay and contrast between black and white really works. And yes, you can definitely bring a gothic vibe to your wedding look while still wearing white!

London Calling: A Celebration of Small Businesses for Rock n Roll Bride Magazine



October 18, 2023

As we navigate a rapidly changing world, the rebellious spirit of the punk era serves as a powerful reminder to challenge the status quo, particularly in creative industries - and the bridal fashion scene is no exception. While the pandemic disrupted and reshaped our lives, a new wave of bridal designers began to emerge. These bold and fearless creatives are rejecting the traditional norms of the wedding industry, ushering in a much-needed revolution. Gone are the days when brides were confined to a limited selection of strapless, A-Line gowns; the mantra now is innovation, creativity... and a dash of rock 'n' roll.

Bright and Beautiful: A Colourful Shoot for The All White & Rock n Roll Bride Magazine


Devlin Photos

March 9, 2021

At Rock n Roll Bride magazine, we are all about helping you find creative, unique and totally ‘you’ ideas for your wedding, no matter what your style or budget. For issue 36's editorial and cover shoot we partnered with one of our favourite new bridal brands, The All White, to shoot their collection of a modular, individual, affordable alternative to wedding wear.