Synaesthesia: Taste the Rainbow with this Colour Pop Shoot for Rock n Roll Bride Magazine

Devlin Photos

March 29, 2022

Hello colour lovers!

There were two things we wanted to do with our Jan/Feb issue’s shoot – to inject some much-needed colour into the proceedings, and to play around with gender expression. We’ve never had a male cover star, or done a shoot with just a male model, and this theme felt like the perfect opportunity to finally do so.

The super-saturated colour palettes were so fun to put together and after such a tough, dreary few years, we couldn’t think of anything better – anything more needed – than kicking off 2022 making a bold and bright statement.

Minimalism is dead. The time of being self-conscious and shy is over. It’s time to let your colours fly, show off your unique sense of style and have fun with fashion again. Relegate those sweatpants to the back of your wardrobe, it’s time to experiment and discover a new colourful you!


Dress: Lucy Can’t Dance
Jewellery: Ruby & Oscar
Hair Clips: Crown and Glory
Shoes: ASOS

We spoke to Kit, our model, about being a part of such a shoot and here’s what he had to say, “It’s so important to be pushing a narrative of breaking gender norms. I’m very thankful that I can say I’ve been a part of this shoot, not only for me but also for people who are like me and feel like they don’t fit in.”

“Putting the first dress on and after gauging the reaction of the team was the best part of the day! Everyone was so supportive and genuine; I knew we were all going to have a great day of working together. A good team means a good day, and honestly the team at Rock n Roll Bride were nothing but lovely, inclusive and supportive.”

“Wearing dresses and ‘women’s’ clothing makes me feel empowered and gives me confidence. All those times that boys on the playground picked on me for being too fem, now look at me – I’m on the cover of a magazine in a stunning custom fitted gown!”


Dress: Millia London
Earrings: Shein
Shoes: Dobell


Dress: Millia London
Jacket: Twisted Tailor
Jewellery: Ruby & Oscar
Shoes: ASOS


Suit & Shirt: Opposuits
Jewellery: Coeur de Lion
Shoes: Luke Grant Muller


Skirt & Top: Bowen Dryden
Jewellery: Ruby & Oscar
Shoes: ASOS


Suit & Hat: Dobell
Shirt: Bowen Dryden
Shoes: ASOS

This shoot originally appeared in Rock n Roll Bride magazine, issue 42 (Jan/Feb 2022), which you can order a back issue of here. Our current issue is now on sale, or why not subscribe so you never miss them? UK postage is free and we ship worldwide.