Rock n Roll Bride - The ultimate guide for alternative brides


A Punk Rock Party in Melbourne


Nikki McCrone

June 11, 2024

Rachel and Kyle from Melbourne wanted their wedding to be more of a party than anything else, with a punk-rock twist that truly reflected their personal style. Their day was filled with vegan food, anime projections (Dragon Ball Z, Ghost In The Shell and Neon Genesis Evangelion) and head-banging to their favourite heavy music like Slipknot and System of a Down. The bride even changed into Crocs at the reception so she was comfortable and ready to party!

Dark Boho Vegan Wedding in Devon


Albatross & Mariner

February 21, 2020

Maxine and Josh wanted to include some traditional wedding elements in their day, in particular when it came to the ceremony, but they also wanted to ensure that it felt like them and reflected their own style. As the bride was on the liver transplant wait list for a long time and finally got her life-saving operation in October a few years ago, they also knew they wanted to get married around this time of year as it's such a special time for them.

Grown-Up Circus Themed Wedding with Vegan and Feminist Touches

Sophie Cooke

Rebecca Douglas Photogaphy

June 14, 2019

Jo and Tom wanted to take the bare bones of a traditional wedding and make it more fun. Their guests entertainment was their prime objective! They’d both been to weddings where there was a lot of waiting around which they found dull so ensured that from the beginning to the end of their day they had entertainment. Coupled with the idea that the day should reflect them as a couple, nothing more, nothing less - their grown-up circus themed wedding was born!

Indian-Inspired Vegan Wedding Under The Stars

Ellie Kime

Natalie Holford

May 9, 2018

Jodie and Tom's bright and beautiful wedding was totally magical - an "Indian evening under the stars" as they called it - set in Oakham. Jodie explains, "Our wedding was a fusion of inspiration from lots of different cultures, with Mexican burritos alongside Cornish pasties, Moroccan star lanterns and a British Bake Off table, but our main inspiration was India. We wanted the wedding to be about the senses, colours, textures, sounds and scents, which India is of course brimming with, and we just felt it captured our ideas for the day!"

Laidback Vegan Wedding in Brighton

Erin Balfour

Brook Rose

April 24, 2018

Violet and Jacob didn't choose the plant life, the plant life chose them. And that's why their super chilled Brighton wedding day was a totally vegan affair with tons of gorgeous donuts, pizzas and other goodies. They married in a low key, intimate ceremony with just 35 guests at Brighton Town Hall, with part one of their reception following in the coffee shop where they first met. By approaching their styling in a laidback way and their family and friends all pulling together to provide various services, they managed to create this gorgeous day for under £5,000.

A Glittery, Feminist & Vegan Wedding in London

Rachel Webb

Marianne Chua

October 16, 2017

Steph and Dan wanted their wedding to be a lovely relaxed day turning into a big kick-ass party later on! They broke lots of traditions (no cake cutting or first dance) and made choices to reflect their feminist outlook. They included speeches from the bride, mother of the groom and the bridesmaids, got ready together in their own apartment, had their first look together at home and walked down the aisle together. Instead of their first dance, had a Jagerbomb toast to open up the dance floor!. With 115 guests, it was the biggest round they'd ever bought!

Environmentally-Conscious & Vegan LGBTQ Wedding

Rachel Webb

Susie Yang

July 21, 2017

Shannon and Chris met through Gumtree! Chris was advertising for a flatmate, and Shannon was looking for a new house share. They were married in September at Half Moon Hideaway in Maleny, Queensland. Shannon is a circus enthusiast while Chris is a certified geek, they really wanted to make the day about who they are. They served vegan food, did hardly any DIY and decided not to have a bridal party, so their friends could just sit back and enjoy the day.